You know those necklaces that are plain silver chains with charms? If you don't know what I'm talking about, picture the YW Medallion. That kind of necklace. Well...I have a bunch of them, but the whole short necklace deal is so not my thing. I really like the charms on my necklaces, but the poor things never get a day out because I can't stand wearing them due to their shortness. I was quite distraught over this when I had the idea to put the charms on bracelets!! I wear bracelets almost every day, so my plan was perfecto. So yesterday, I went to Lauren Patch's and made a few pretty bracelets with my necklace charms :) Here are my "kreation's"...
No charms yet...Lauren had a bracelet that she had already made that I had really liked the last time I beaded with her so I pretty much copied it and made my own (with a few changes).
This one is my favorite....I LOVE it!!

I really like this one...but I'm not so much into pastels. But I love the key!!

Those were my accomplishments for the night. And just so you all are aware, there is a bead party in the near future...The plan is April 18th at 4:00pm at my house. Further details to come :)


  1. WEll they are sure purty. You are amazing at what you do. Very Very cute. Great Job

  2. KYMBER!!!

    You have finally joined the blogging world. This pleases me.


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