Girl Dates

**Please note: This post was written on Monday, March 15th, but was never published due to the crashing of my laptop. Cute.
I love girl dates, and lucky me gets to have many this week. Let me make you a little jealous...
First of all, my friend, Leah, and I are gym buddies. To the gym together, we go.
It. Is. Awesome.
Biking...is bomb.
On Tuesday, I get to go to Olive Garden with Hannah, Mia, Rachel, and Brenna...girls I have been friends with since elementary, junior high, or high school.
I love me some soup, salad, and breadsticks from el Gardino de Olivino.
Oh yeah, and some catching up with mis amigas.
On Thursday....I will treat my toesies to a pedicure at my dear Darling Nails with my dear friend Jannae. I love pedicures....Like really. They're one of my top three favorite things.
Dear Darling, I love you.
Also on Thursday, I will be going to Sprinkles with Leah and Katy.
It will be DELICIOUS.
Red Velvet, watch out, because I'm coming for YOU.
P.S. If you ever are fortunate enough to go to Sprinkles, do not eat the cute little thing in the middle of the cupcake. Sick to the nast.
Girl Dates...are wonderful. If you want to go on one, let me know. Because I will go with you.
The end.