Sorry, but this is all I got...

So...Tomorrow night I'm working a catering with los Rudd's.
It's an LDS mid-singles New Year's Eve party.
Basically, we will be working 8:00pm - 1:00am.
I'm not too good at staying up late...I think we all know that.
And besides...I'm already dog tired because yesterday I worked my booty off at work {this is my shout out to Katy} and then went and climbed a mountain and then went and walked the mall{stories and pictures to come}{hopefully}.
I topped all that off with a horrendously horrible night's sleep.
Seriously, I can't remember a night that I slept worse.
Oh wait. That one time I was locked out of my house and had to sleep in my garage.
Yep. That one wins.
So. I'm already super super tired. So I figured I could go to sleep early tongiht {at least compared to the new usual} and then maybe sleep in but probably not and then be all rested for tomorrow night. So I came home, got in my jammies, layed down in front of the tv {because a) that usually puts me to sleep really fast lateish at night and b) my brother is sleeping at my cousin's and my sister was asleep upstairs and there was NO WAY IN HECK I was sleeping in our basement alone...no. thank. you.}.
ANYWAY {take 2}
P.S. You know you've gone on a rambling rant when you have to go back to the top and re-read everything you've written. Story. of. my life.
So. I layed there. For two hours. Wide awake. Watching HGTV.
And then, I got bored.
So I devised a new strategy. Twenty minutes ago.
It is {drum roll please}...Stay up until 1:00 and then sleep in all I want {which still probably won't be much}{curse you internal alarm clock}. Then, I'll be used to it kind of and can do it all over tomorrow night at the catering!! I...am a genius.
That is my plan.
And that is why I'm blogging this late at night or whatever.
Because I have nothing else to do.
Hopefully...strategy #2 works.
The bad part is...my head hurts from lack of sleepage.
El. Fin.


By the way...

Ladies, please go buy this eye shadow.

Everytime I wear it, I get a thousand compliments.
It's wonderful.
Maybelline. Velvet Crush. #20.
Love it.

Today I love...

Because it showed me how to curl my hair with a flat iron.
It turned out super cute.
But I ended up putting my hair up, so you can't even really tell it's curled.
Youtube is a wonderful thing.
And that's my story.


Dang Mall Kiosks

Um hi.
The other day, I was walking Mills Mall with my aunt because she wanted to throw herself into labor...when we came across a tank full of adorable adorable cute cute cute...baby turtles...at a kiosk. So...I bought not only one...but two.
Say hello to Alfred and Hal.
{Al and Hal...after 2 of the main music publishers}
Fast forward 2 hours.
I remember that I don't like pets so much and I decide I no longer want Al and Hal.
Too bad all sales are final on baby turtles from mall kiosks.
Don't worry. I ended up giving Al and Hal to my prego aunt.
And now I'm out $40.
That's right.
I dropped 40 bones to walk around a mall for 2 hours with 2 cute little baby turtles.
Good one, Kymber.


Called to Serve

Last night, Michael Rudd got/opened his misison call.
He got all choked up when he opened it and started reading...It was very sweet.
Here it is...all official and signed by the prophet and everything.
I wish the picture wasn't so blurry {I took it with my phone because I forgot my camera...GOOD ONE, Kymber}.
This is going to sound like I'm his mother, but I'm very proud of Michael Rudd. He is such an example to me. The gospel is not something he treats lightly, and I am so grateful for that. He makes it easy for me to uphold my standards. He makes me want to be a better person and helps me strive for that. He is so caring and has such a tender heart. He is an awesome young man, and I am lucky to have him in my life. I am sad that he's leaving, but happy at the same time. I definitely would not have it any other way. And, of course, he's ecstatic and can't wait to get out there and serve.
Oh yeah. Michael Rudd got called to the South Dakota Rapid City mission and reports on Februart 24, 2010.


Dear Sydney and Jerzee

This morning, my mom found our cats here

under our Christmas tree.

They must think they're all that and a bag of chips...acting like presents under the tree.

Ok that was a lame joke.

But I don't care if it wasn't funny.

Finding our cats under the tree was.

So you should laugh at that instead of at my attempt to make a joke.

The end.


Piano Recital Presents

Today, I put together my Christmas presents for my piano students.
I got grand piano ornaments from Milano's.

Then I used my snazzy Cricut to personalize them with their names in white vinyl on the side.

I think they turned out SUPER cute!!


'Nuf said.


Attempting the Impossible...

Tonight, I am going to attempt to get all of my Christmas shopping done.

I know that's probably an umrealistic goal, but I figure that if I set my goal high, I'll get more accomplished.

That's kind of how I work.

That's how I'm spending my Friday night.

How are you spending yours??