You think you know me?

Quiz yourself. I dare you.
1. If I could go anywhere in the world, where would I go?
[a] Spain
[b] England
[c] Italy
[d] Australia
2. What is my favorite restaurant?
[a] Logan's Steakhouse
[b] Olive Garden
[c] Texas Roadhouse
[d] Outback
3. What is my dream vehicle?
[a] Chevy Yukon
[b] Toyota Tacoma
[c] Ford Expedition
[d] Nissan Titan
4. What is my favorite TV show?
[a] Biggest Loser
[b] Hannah Montana
[c] The Mentalist
[d] House Hunters
5. If I had $5,000, what would I buy?
[a] a trip to that place in the world I would go to
[b] shoes & clothes & things
[c] braces
[d] a new car
6. Where do I want to study abroad?
[a] England
[b] Spain
[c] Mexico
[d] Ireland
7. What does my watch say?
[a] dream
[b] believe
[c] hope
[d] the time
8. What is my favorite scripture?
[a] Alma 37:37
[b] D&C 84:88
[c] Psalms 62:8
[d] All of the above
9. What is my new favorite sandwich at Sweetcakes?
[a] the club
[b] BLT with avocado
[c] French dip
[d] peppered turkey
10. What song do I listen to over and over and over again?
[a] Nothin' On You by b.o.b.
[b] Airplaines by b.o.b.
[c] If I Die Young by The Band Perry
[d] Magic by b.o.b.
You want answers?
That post will be sometime next week.


Secretly, I think no one reads my blog...

But I keep getting texts telling me to update, so I figure it's time.
But secretly, I don't know what to say really.
So I will resort to pictures.
In the past few months, I have...

{become a pro cupcake decorator}
This is my striped cupcake and my airplane cupcake and they are bomb.
I give you permission to be jealous.

{graduated to a Mega Moo Mixer}
Recall this post.
I have moved on to bigger and better things in the Moo Mixer world.
These days, chocolate milk is as good as ever.
Except as of Wednesday, we are out of Nesquik at my house.
This is tragic. Seriously.
Am I still an addict?
The correct answer would be yes.

{earned the title of "World's Best Bowler"}
Yeah right.
I've never played a game where I actually scored triple digits.
P.S. As far as face making goes, I taught my sisters well, don't you think?

{made me some bomb birthday cupcakes}
So maybe we tried making our own frosting and it didn't look like enough.
So maybe we decided to triple the recipe and make more.
So maybe the frosting expanded and we had a huge mixing bowl full of what looked like marshmallow creme and was secretly sicknast.
My birthday cupcakes were a big deal. For real.
Also, I want everyone to know that I made these mostly by myself kind of.
I am capable of kitchen-make-food stuff!!
K yeah maybe not.

{completed Biology in summer school}
Where we learned about plants and animals and stuff.
And where I got to go to the zoo for a project.
Which is where I took this picture to put on the cover of said project so my teacher would remember me forever.

{fed a horse even though I was scared he was going to bite my hand off}
Meet Rusty.
Yes, we named him.
Secretly, he thinks my fingers are carrots.
And he wants to bite them off.

{discovered Navel Lane in Belly Button, AZ}
True story.
Nuf said.

{turned into a hippie that likes to wear big flowers on the side of my head}

Welp, that's all folks.