Graduation 2009

me, Rachel, Michael Rudd, Zoe, Hannah
yours truly

Kelcie, me

mi madre y yo

Eku, me, Tema

Sis. Duncan, me, Jannae

mi padre y yo

Michael Rudd, me

Hannah, me, Michael Rudd, Rachel

me and Spencer :)

Pictures with the s


Prom 2009

Over a month later...

I promise you I did not fall off the face of the earth...I have just been super busy!! You know how the end of the year gets. Since my last blog (I know, it's been forever), lots has happened.

I went to prom with the one and only Michael Rudd. It was lots of fun. I found my dress last year at Arizona Bridal and fell in love the moment I laid my eyes on it. However, I wasn't about to spend a fortune on a dress for junior prom. So...throughout the year, I continued to stop by and check to see if it was still there, hoping to make it mine when prom rolled around again. I lucked out and bought it in March...before I even got asked to prom!! Pathetic, but I wanted it SOOO bad. It was kind of depressing knowing that this was my last school dance. Sad. All of us s were talking the night of prom about how the next time we get all dressed up like that, it will be for our wedding!! That right there is scary business.

Me and my best friends got pictures taken together. It ended up being just me, Hannah, Rachel, and Zoe. Zoe's cousin took the pictures for us and they turned out AMAZING. That has definitely got some talent.

I graduated!! There was a slight drizzle throughout the whole ceremony. It was funny to see all of the caps warped and bent. What are the chances of getting rained on at graduation two years in a row?! In Arizona?! It still hasn't really hit me yet...I feel like I'm on some two week vacation and will be going back to school to the same classes and the same teachers. I'm sure when it does hit me, it'll come like a ton of bricks. I am SO not looking forward to it.

I went to California with my friends for our senior trip. We drove up last Monday morning. We were supposed to go to the beach, but then we drove by Knott's Berry Farm. We saw all the roller coasters and we couldn't resist. I had a BLAST. I LOVE roller coasters!!! Poor Michael Rudd was such a trooper. He doesn't do roller coasters like the rest of us crazies, so he stood at every ride exit holding our bags. He's great. The next day, we woke up and went to Disneyland and California Adventures. Again, I had a blast. I must admit, Knott's was better, but that's just me. Wednesday, we woke up, went to breakfast, and headed back to the heat.

I went on my stake's pioneer trek. I really really really really did NOT want to go. But, my parents pulled the whole "you're not 18" thing and was forced to go. So the first day, I passed out from a migrain BEFORE we even started pulling the handcarts. I saw the doctor, took some medicine, and got a priesthood blessing. The doctor said I wasn't allowed to push or pull that day. After a while, it was really starting to bug me because I felt so helpless. I had to walk behind my "family" and watch them struggle. It was harder than you think. That was the hardest day. The women's pull was that night and afterwards was a section (the HARDEST part of the hike) called Rocky Ridge. And Rocky Ridge is exactly what it is. All rocks, all uphill. It was hard core. We hiked for 12 hours that day and didn't get into camp until 2:30 a.m. The next day, I woke up with my headache still, but within hours, it had gone away, when it usually lasts 1-2 more days. Just goes to show the power of the priesthood. I finally got to help push and boy was it hard work. My family was AWESOME. It amazes me how close you can get to people in a matter of days. I honestly love the group of people I was placed with. We worked so well together and got along better than anyone. They definitely made the trek worth it. Fine, Mom. I'm glad I went.

Saturday night, my parents surprised me and my little brothers and sisters with a trip to California!! We are leaving tomorrow morning, going to Disneyland and California Adventures on Wednesday and Thursday, and then going to the beach and coming home Friday. When they told us, we all kind of just looked at them in disbelief. Disneyland is just something we DO NOT do!!! My family's idea of a vacation is camping (not my cup of coco). We are all SOO excited. I can't wait!! I know I was just there last week, but it will be different with all the little kids. I'm excited!!

I THINK that's pretty much it...I will post pictures seperately in a little bit!! I'm retarded when it comes to figuring that stuff out.