Fluffy Whiteness

I drove the whole way to school this morning with my sunroof open.
It was marvelous.
I was at a stop sign and I looked up.
And this is what I saw.
No one was behind me, so I decided to take a picture.
I love clouds.
Afar off, there was an abundance of gray and purple clouds and I thought, "Perhaps this might be rain!!"
But twas not.
And so my hopes were shot.
But don't worry.
Tomorrow it's only supposed to be 88˚.
It will be excellent.
Hooray for almost fall weather.


The funniest moment of my day...

That is definitely Spencer...with a plunger stuck to his belly.
He figured that one out all on his own.
It's reasons like this that I love him so much.
Ah, man, is he a handful.


Why I Love Haley Baley

This is why I love the Haley Stewart.

Because she is silly with me at work.

We're friends.

That's a fruit roll up by the way.


My Current Craving

I have been craving Olive Garden for 3 weeks now...

Their salad and breadsticks.....MMMM.....delicious. I could fill up on those and call it good. YUM.

And their lasagna.....My favorite. Too bad I couldn't find a mouth-watering picture. Just imagine it in your mind. I'm sure if you think about it long enough, you'll want Olive Garden too. And then we can go together. It will be great.

And now my mouth is watering.


Why you shouldn't run up the stairs at institute...

Because probably you will trip over your flip flops and fall on your face in front of everyone just like I did 5 minutes ago.


Fall has arrived!!!

Fall is officially FINALLY here!! I love fall. And here...is why.

1. Cute Cardigans

Sweaters fall under this category too. But I like the word cardigan better. I heart cardigans. They are adorable and ugh just super cute. Hooray for fall being cardigan season.

2. Fall Food

I don't know about you, but that turkey, broccoli, and fruit salad are looking mighty delicious.
I don't even like pumpkin pie, but by the looks of that one right ther I could go for some right about now. Hooray for fabulous fall food. YUM.

3. Not 115° Weather

This picture (minus the fluffy white clouds) is what it has been like for the past like 4 months. Can I just tell you how nice it is to be able to go out in the morning and not be pelted with heat the second you step foot out the door?? Ah, fall. Your hotless days are going to be wonderful.

4. Hot Chocolate

Mmmmm...Hot chocolate. I like to make mine with soft candy cane sticks and mucho Cool Whip. Ah...Delicious. I love chocolate drinks aka chocolate milk. I have 3 cups a day. One in the morning, one when I get home from school, and one before I go to bed. It is delicious. But I only like the Nesquick chocolate milk stuff. None of that Hershey's chocolate syrup. No thank you. Gross. And now, due to this wonderful fall season, it is almost time for my chocolate milk days to temporarily come to an end. For the next 4ish months, I will be drowning myself in hot cocoa instead. And it will be wonderful, I tell you. Hooray for hot chocolate. In fall.

5. Fall Trees

Sure, we don't have many pretty trees like this in Arizona, but a girl can dream, can't she?? I love fall trees. And in my head, Arizona has fall trees. And I love fall trees.

6. Ginormous and Ridiculously Comfy Hoodies

I do not heart ASU. But I do heart big comfy hoodies. They're great. And I love them. I have like 10. Just ask my sister. They take up half our closet. But I love them so much. I also love fall.

7. Caramel Apple Cider from Starbucks

Yeah, yeah. There's probably coffee in that cup. But let's pretend it's caramel apple cider. Because that is delicious. Thank you Leah for introducing me to this sweet and yummy goodness. I heart caramel apple cider. And fall.

8. Crunchy leaves

Mostly I just like to jump in big piles of leaves. It's super fun. And it makes me feel like a little kid. I also like stepping on leaves and hearing them crunch. Fall leaves are just fun. Yes? Fall is fun.

9. Haunted Houses

I love haunted houses. And they are only around during the fall. The one at Schnepf Farms is my all time favorite. Only one more week til October....and the official haunted housing will begin!! All thanks to fall.

10. Anti-Shaving is allowed

Why? Because I'm always wearing jeans. Thus no one sees my legs. Until Sunday. So I only have to shave once a week. But shhh...don't tell. P.S. Those are man legs. But not just in fabulous fall. That's all year round.

11. Scarves

OK so I only have like 3. But I still love them. And I still think they are super cute. Especially in fall.

Oh, fall. You are wonderful. You are my favorite and I just love you. You make me happy inside. Aaannnnddd you're pretty great.

The end.


Why Michael Rudd is the greatest

In reaction to my last post, Mr. Amazing, I mean Michael Rudd, decided to get me a pedicure!! Little did I know this guy was getting one too!!

What a guy.

Check out all that hair. Woah.

Wonderful? Yes.

Spoiled? A little.

Thanks Michael Rudd!! You're pretty great :)


Sick Nasty Gross Ew

This is the current status of my poor feet.

Yeah. Gross. Maybe I wear flip flops too much.
However, my sick-nasty-gross-dinosaur-scaly feet will not stop me.

Now that I've grossed you all out...Anyone want to go get a pedicure??


Let's Play a Game...

What's wrong with this picture?

Can't tell?? Let's take a closer look...

Closer you say?

You think you know? One more picture just to make sure...

Ding, ding, ding!! Yep. That is definitely our TOILET in our BACKYARD.

I found this hilarious, so I had to share.

No worries, it was later moved to the porch.

The end.