Mr. C turns 3!

M Rudd's nephew, Cayden, turned 3 today! That means I have been hangin around los Rudds for 3 whole years now. Holy. Smokes.
Dear Cayden, I have known you for basically all of your life. This is crazy to me. Thank you for being so good when I've babysat and for always making me laugh. Sometimes, I know I shouldn't laugh but you are so dang cute (not to mention smart) and I can't help it. Love you C!!
Love, Kymber
Here are some pictures from the night...The quality is horrible, I know. And yet, they are priceless.

Blast. I hate it when pictures upload in the opposite order you intended them to upload them in. Too bad I'm too tired to go and fix that! That's right...OCD Kymber is NOT caring. Boomshakalaka.
P.S. I think that C and I ROCK at taking pictures together. Really?!


Why today was a great day.

Today I woke up on time. Sign numero uno that today was going to be fabulous....And it was.

Somehow took forever and a day to get ready. Took my sweet little time or somethin. Now running late. Celeste is here to pick me up. Shoot. I still haven't eaten breakfast, brushed my teeth, ditched my slippers for shoes, gotten my things together, finished my makeup, or made a pb&j for lunch. Awesome. Grab things, including breakfast, and run out door. Spill orange juice all over hand whilst speed walking. Get in car. Drive to school. Talking to Celeste. Spew spit while talking. Multiple times. Get to school. First class canceled. Score. Play Skip-Bo at Institute, just like old times. Chit chat with Bro. Bawden about the "Guild of Roses" coughakatheguildofpansiescough amongst other things. Go downstairs (still in Institute) to retrieve scriptures from newly discovered scripture cabinet of convientness. Serenade Celeste with "I Saw the Sun" while walking through the parking garage to her vehicle. Focused on dramatically singing. Turn around, wildly throw arms out, and jump 500 feet in the air due to near collision with concrete pillar and pole. Walk back upstairs to go to New Testament class. Re-telling Celeste for the bajillionth time the story of when I fell up those same stairs. Instead of retelling, almost end up reenacting, barely catching self. Nice save. Walk back into Institute. Bro. Calton, sees us and quickly turns and pretends he's going to take off running in the opposite direction. Think he's going to run toward us. Freak out. Through arms out in preparation to run away. Punch Celeste. Run two steps before realizing a) I'm about to run into a wall, and b) I am running from nothing and no one. Go to New Testament class. Trip on my jeans/leg/feet/whoknows on way to seat. Look over to see Bro. Calton is a witness to my gracefulness. Fast forward. Downstairs at Institute eating my pb&j with C and JB. So hungry, literally drool on my face. Look over and see kid I had met last week standing across the foyer. Said kid and I had since had a conversation about our name remembering skills. Wave obviously. Kid waves back. I yell, "Do you remember my name?" Kid says no. I point and say, "Mark?" Kid says, "No. John." "Oh. I don't know you." Kid and everyone else around laughs. Facepalm. Introduce self to John. John knows Mark and says it's the hair that causes confusion. Go to classes. End of school. Walk to Celeste's car. Start hearing random slamming. Can't figure out where said slamming is coming from. Secretly scared. Slamming stops. Then continues. Freak out and jump 500 feet in the air for the second time today. Figure out slamming is car doors on first floor, not kidnapper. Arrive at Celeste's car. Get inside. Begin talking to Celeste. Spit some more. Verbally admit issues controlling saliva today. Leave school. Arrive at Milano's. Serenade Celeste in piano methods section despite other customers nearby. Memorize Lean On Me. Work. YattaYattaYatta. Come home. Find Celeste at house. Do schoolwork. Have fun with webcam. Blog. The end.

*author realizes many of above experiences may fall under youhadtobetherekindofmoment category*


And now the dirty work is done.

Dear (Elder) Andrew Walker,

Hi. Your most favorite person ever here. Remember that one time before you left on your mission when you thought it would be funny to get into my room and plaster pictures of yourself all over my walls? Remember how I never got you back for that? Well, Senor, you come home this week. And I have waited 2 years for some sweet revenge. I suppose I should have warned you before you left that I can play your game because chances are you aren't expecting any form of payback. Hate to break it to you dude, but you are so wrong. Hahahahaha.


P.S. Welcome home!


Reverting back to childhood...

You probably don't want to ask.