things i love - august

  • Owl City's new album, The Midsummer Station. Although I'm a little disappointed that it's not his typical electronic pun-ny music and a little too redundant and pop-ish, I still think it's good (and clean) music and well done.
  • My stress management class. My professor is a doctor, like full on MD status, and he's seriously one of my top three favorite professors at ASU. Seriously, I absolutely love his class. More to come on that later, I'm sure.
  • Couple friends. We are love spending time and doing things with our friends that are married (or dating). It is seriously so much fun!
  • The new shoe store. I've mentioned the $10 shoes store before. It was in this super-small-super-crowded-hole-in-the-wall-ghetto-as-all-get-out-po-dunk of a place. Well, folks, this month they moved to a much bigger space, and let me tell you...It is marvelous. Glorious. Fantastic. If you go, you must take me with you.
  • Going to bed early. There have been a few nights recently when I have gone to bed at 8:30 and been completely conked out by 9:00. Wearing myself out I guess.
  • The bookshelf in our front room. It's finally decorated, complete with old books, ceramic birds and owls, quote blocks, and photos. Oh, and 12 Books of Mormon. #gottalovemymissionaryofahusband
  • My new planner. There is nothing like a fresh planner. I look forward to that purchase every year, I kid you not.
  • Coupons. Dude. My mom, aka Coupon Queen, rocks. She shares her coupons with us and is teaching us the ins and outs of saving more than you spend. Awesome!
  • The 'you & me' sign that our brother-in-law, Kirk, made us. I pinned the idea a while back, and he made my dreams come true! The thing looks exactly how it does in the pin! He and MRudd are planning on turning it into a headboard. So excited!
  • Study/homework sessions with Celeste. School is back in full swing, something I don't really love. Last year baby.
  • Snickers ice cream bars. Di-vine.
  • The sky. Arizona sunsets are probably some of the most beautiful things ever.
  • Target. Can't get enough of this place. In fact, I think we're going tonight.
  • BOGO coupons for Rumbi's. If you haven't been to this place, you seriously need to check it out. Yum.
  •  Not being sick. I caught the annual summer cold and it lasted me a whole two weeks. Even though it wasn't fun being sick, I was glad I got it before school started as opposed to after.
  • Going to the temple. So much to remember, so much to learn.
  • Wedding pictures. Lots of those to come in the hopefully near future. Ya'll are about to be bombarded.
  • Financial aid. Perks of being newlyweds and serving a mission, aka blessings for paying tithing.


happy go lucky in love

Sometimes I look at pictures of MRudd and I and I think to myself, "Is this real?!"
I am really married to my best friend and high school sweetheart. He is the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. How did I get so lucky?

So happy.
So blessed.
So in love.


awkward and awesome thursday


  • Trying to be wonder woman and carry/lift a super heavy box to/into my car by myself. In public. I know I'm not walking anywhere near straight, but I am perfectly capable of driving this vehicle.
  • Seven of us (us meaning members of my family) crowded around the same foot long tank full of little crabs and little fish in Walmart for 45 minutes straight. Five of us are no longer in elementary school. 
  • Climbing into bed, getting all situated with pillows, blanket, and Kindle for some spider solitaire and finding myself short of breath. Someone needs to get her workout on.
  • The place some minds went after reading above bullet.
  • When husband walks in from work and finds me with all the lights off, all the curtains drawn, and all the fans on because it's too hot any other way.

  • Getting ready for bed on a day when getting ready in the morning didn't make it past a shower. No make up to take off is a really good feeling.
  • The third eye giant zit in the middle of my forehead that wouldn't pop from last week that miraculously went away all on it's own sans popping.
  •  Cold showers after running errands and cleaning house all day.
  • When the people you follow on Pinterest are pinteresting at the same time you are. Constant flow of fresh pins.
  • The fact that I'm taking a Harry Potter class this next semester. And I'm a senior in college. That's what's up.