in need of motivation

Again, I've fallen into a blogging rut. It's not like my life is boring right now...Quite the opposite, in fact. But I'll save those juicies for another day (that is hopefully in the near future). But for all those who know the happenings of Kymber's life as of late, you probably also know blogging anytime in the next....month....is not super likely ;)

I do plan on making blogging more of a priority, though, once all is said and done. I have LOTS to fill all ya'll in on. Still, I think I'll need a bit of motivation. You see, I have been suffering from Ihatemyblogbecauseitsugly syndrome. Lucky for me, there is a cure. That cure is the giveaway over at Living with Fletch, an awesome blog I religiously read. Winner gets a complete blog makeover. Can you say (insert singing voice) awesommmmmmme?!!

Don't enter, I want need to win. Just sayin'. Cool.