My heart longs for Utah

I have this new obsession called Utah.
I had been once in my entire life, and after next weekend, I will have been up three times in the past six months. I can't get enough of it!
I went up with my family for General Conference in April.

Then, Celeste and I took a trip in July.
This Thursday, Celeste and I are escaping up to our beloved Utah yet again. Meeting up with friends, hanging out at temple square, conference, ladies night at Deseret Book in Utah where famous people (in the LDS world at least) go. Yeah. Can't wait!!

And now I must get back to the mountain of homework I have to get done before escaping to my other mountains....hasta!



Let's just talk about this guy.

Meet Ben.
Served his mission in AZ. Adored by my family. Love him.
Ben's birthday was yesterday.
Ben's golden birthday was yesterday.
So I wrote him a poem.
It's been some time since I first met you.
A lesson on charity; Paxman was there too.
Five years have gone by, and as you could guessed
Many memories have been made in the time that has passed.
So since it's your birthday and we're far apart,
My gift to you is simple, but comes straight from my heart.
A list of the fun times you and I have shared,
A fun way to measure how our friendship has fared.
Slurping milk off the fireplace, receiving mailed birthday cards,
Apple Store stop-ins and eating chicken hearts.
Marching band videos and play dough ice cream,
You and I make quite the hand and foot team.
Escaping to Gateway on a cold April night,
Looking through telescopes at some stellar sights.
Hiking Camelback Mountain and getting lost in the dark,
Crown Burger, Burger Bar, frisbee in the park.
Cookies on a cutting board and drycleaing suits,
Awkward activites with YSA groups.
April Fools jokes and wedding lines,
'I love the Lewis'' hundreds of times.
Airplane museums and matchmaking skills,
Scorpions in tupperware that had yet to be killed.
Long conversations and This Is the Christ,
Christmas light necklaces and skating on ice.
See what I mean?! Lots of good times!
And most of them didn't even cost us a dime.
That being said, I think our friendship is priceless,
And you, Ben, are for sure the nicest.
You deserve the world and then so much more.
It's people like you, Ben, that I truly adore.

The end!


Slowly, but surely...

Guys....This pleases me.


I have the best friend ever.

Let's just talk about this chick.

That's Celeste, my best friend. We are attached at the hip, not even joking.

Celeste and I went to the same high school, had multiple classes together, and even sat right next to each other in those classes. One semester, in our CP Writing class, she edited and proofed all my papers...But we were never friends outside of class. It's crazy to think that just a few years later, we would be as close as we are now. Celeste and I became friends during our first semester at ASU. That was a dark semester for me, and probably one of the hardest changes I've experienced. Starting at ASU, knowing noone made me feel so alone and so lost. I went from a close knit group of friends to hang out and eat lunch with in high school to zero friends, zero acquaintances, and zero lunch buddies at ASU. It was awful. I cried a lot during that first month of college. But I also prayed a lot. One of the things I prayed most for was a friend. I cannot tell you how alone I felt, and all I wanted was someone to talk to and hang out with, you know, all that friend junk. I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed for a friend. Not long into the semester, I was walking around at Institute trying to find a place to sit when I ran into Celeste and her friend, Bonnie. I remember getting this huge smile on my face and feeling so relieved. So I sat and ate lunch with them that day and soon we were good friends. Celeste and I quickly became real close, and I am so glad. We are now roommates, and are quite literally together 24/7.

Now to prove the title of this post, let me tell you three things about Celeste.

She makes my bed.

Not every day, but probably a couple times a week. It means the world to me. I can't even tell you. I am so not a believer of making beds, but it does feel nice to walk in my room and see that my bed is made. Yeah, she rocks.

She puts up with my crazy.

She deals with the boys, the mood swings, the stressed out version of me. She asks me lots of questions to get me thinking, to help me sort out my feelings, to help me figure out what I'm feeling...She's good at decreasing my stress level and making me realize that it's not the end of the world and that everything is going to be ok.

She waits up for me at nighttime.

She listens to my stories about dates and my day and junk. This might sound normal, but guys...Unless you've talked to me, you don't know how long my stories are. Like really, the stories I tell could probably be told by a normal person in like two minutes, but I take thirty. Not even joking. And she listens to it all. She's fantastic.

These are just a few of the reasons why Celeste is the best friend ever. Lucky me, huh?!


A nonhairproductuser's new favorite hair product

Suave Dry Shampoo.
Basically, this stuff is bomb. Let's talk about it.
You spray it on your roots, do a little one-two poof, and wahlah. Your hair is oily no more.
It's fantastic.
Seriously, for someone like me who has to wash her hair every single day ...this stuff is the greatest thing known to man. Well I guess in this case, woman.
Anyway. Go pick yourself up some. $2.74 is a small price to pay for all sorts of amazing.