Let's just talk about this guy.

Meet Ben.
Served his mission in AZ. Adored by my family. Love him.
Ben's birthday was yesterday.
Ben's golden birthday was yesterday.
So I wrote him a poem.
It's been some time since I first met you.
A lesson on charity; Paxman was there too.
Five years have gone by, and as you could guessed
Many memories have been made in the time that has passed.
So since it's your birthday and we're far apart,
My gift to you is simple, but comes straight from my heart.
A list of the fun times you and I have shared,
A fun way to measure how our friendship has fared.
Slurping milk off the fireplace, receiving mailed birthday cards,
Apple Store stop-ins and eating chicken hearts.
Marching band videos and play dough ice cream,
You and I make quite the hand and foot team.
Escaping to Gateway on a cold April night,
Looking through telescopes at some stellar sights.
Hiking Camelback Mountain and getting lost in the dark,
Crown Burger, Burger Bar, frisbee in the park.
Cookies on a cutting board and drycleaing suits,
Awkward activites with YSA groups.
April Fools jokes and wedding lines,
'I love the Lewis'' hundreds of times.
Airplane museums and matchmaking skills,
Scorpions in tupperware that had yet to be killed.
Long conversations and This Is the Christ,
Christmas light necklaces and skating on ice.
See what I mean?! Lots of good times!
And most of them didn't even cost us a dime.
That being said, I think our friendship is priceless,
And you, Ben, are for sure the nicest.
You deserve the world and then so much more.
It's people like you, Ben, that I truly adore.

The end!

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