Everyone deserves a day to be lazy.

This morning I woke up at 6:40.
What should have happened: get up, shower, clean bathroom, clean room, finish reading my book, buy myself a cupcake, swim and sunbath, eat dinner, institute, play with friends.
What really happened: caught up on Pretty Little Liars, watched an entire mini series of some other show on Hulu, entered online giveaways, checked out some Etsy shops, played on facebook, watched this video on YouTube, continued exploring YouTube, thought about getting up and doing something, didn't.

Now it's 1:11 in the afternoon.
I have been awake for...7 1/2 hours folks.
Have I moved from my bed?
I did get up to use the restroom twice.

I finally get an entire day to get stuff done, and what do I do?
Lay in my bed.
Good thing that's allowed every once in a while.