Obsession of the Week

Let's talk about Taylor Swift.
Let's talk about Taylor Swift's new CD that came out this week.
Let's talk about how awesome Taylor Swift's new CD that came out this week is.
Now, she's not my favorite singer, but probably one of my favorite songwriters, especially since she writes all of her music herself.
Talent? Yes.
Genius? Yes.
Yes, I'm one of those crazies that went and bought the stupid CD the day it came out.
I even debated going to get it before school because I was so excited.
Did I mention I leave for school at 6:45am?
Yeah, I decided I could wait until after school.
But...the second my last lecture ended, I was on my way to Target, because you know, Target has the exclusive Taylor Swift Speak Now CD that comes with 6 bonus songs, the "Mine" music video, and 30 minutes of behind the scenes footage.
I don't do less-than-the-best, folks.
Back to the CD.
It's awesome.
Every. Song.
So awesome that I may or may not already have the entire CD memorized.
No, I don't have an overall favorite song.
Yes, I have a favorite song of the rightthissecond.
And right now it's "The Story of Us."
And "Back to December."
The fact that the majority of the songs on this album are about celebrities is hilarious.
Priceless, really.
My mom and I had quite the time trying to guess who each one was about.
We came to the conclusion that we like Miss Swift because she's so sure of herself and so well-grounded.
I may have stole those words from my mother.
Some of T Swift's lyrics on this album make me laugh every time I hear them.
Some make me sing at the top of my lungs right along with her.
Some make me nod my head in agreeance.
Some make me bust out my killer dance moves, making all those privileged to witness this occurence mildly jealous.
Taylor Swift's new CD.
You should probably go buy it. Like now.
Because it's awesome.
And you will love it.