ten things tuesday

1. I crave Costco’s combo pizza like ALL the time. I love it. Also, their polish dogs and hot dogs give people the nastiest breath that literally makes me sick to my stomach sick sick sick.

2. Speaking of cravings, I also crave Disneyland. Didn’t know that was possible? Well it is. And it happens to me like every couple of months. Good thing I’ve got myself an annual pass thanks to my one and only Michael Rudd! It’s like he knows me.

3. I hate blow drying my hair. And I rarely do because my hair is pin straight and needs nothing but a pick run through it after my shower in the morning. Air drying it is! Just another reason why I hate the winter...Because it’s too cold outside for me to leave the house with wet hair! Lame.

4. This weekend, I started reading Harry Potter again. I stinking love those books. Here’s to round 7! 8? 9? 10 points for Gryffindor.

5. Subway is my go-to. I have gotten the same thing almost every time I go since I was 10. Chick bacon ranch on white with provolone, toasted. Lettuce, tomato, lots of black olives and LOTs of ranch. I gross the sandwich makers out every single time with how much ranch I want on that thing. But it is go-od, so who even cares.

6. I have been to many a concert in my time, but I have never danced at one. Until last week when MRudd took me to see Rascal Flatts. And it was there, under that hot Arizona sky that I danced at a concert like I’ve never danced before. Or for the first time in the history of my concert-going ever. Same thing. Rascal Flatts was the best concert I’ve ever been to, by the way.

7. At one time in my life, I had acrylics for like two straight years. My Aunt DoeDoe did them for me for free.99 and so why not?! And then she moved to Sahuarita aka two lame hours away and thus ended my fake nail wearing days. Then, a couple weekends ago, my bmf Kylee was telling me about this semi-ghetto nail salon that she goes to that only charges $15 to do a set of acrylics. Yeah, I went the next day. Just for fun. Got myself fake nailified. Mhmm. Anyway, these things are driving me straight up the wall crazy. I can’t type. I can’t play the piano. I can’t pop zits. I’m having a hard time remembering why I ever loved these things. Oh wait, because they’re fun and fancy and all pretty and what not. Plus, they’re great head slash back scratchers. Basically, I want to rip them off.

8. I have what MRudd calls my crazy cleaning mood. Basically, I go nuts and clean everything all at one time. We’re talking more than just routine cleaning such as sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning the bathroom, etc. which all gets done on a regular basis anyway...We’re talking taking apart floor fans and wiping down every inch of them, scrubbing down baseboards, cupboards, and doors, re-organizing cupboards and drawers and closets…It happens every couple of months. I think it’s great, MRudd thinks it’s torture and hopes he’s never around when this mood comes on so that he doesn’t have to participate. Bless his heart.

9. I work as a PI paralegal, which means I’m thinking about car accidents all day every day. Consequently, I secretly have a really hard time with just about everyone’s driving, even my own, but especially if I’m a passenger in someone else’s car. Straight up fear that I’m/we’re going to get in an accident at any second due to a whole number of reasons. I don’t let my stress and worry and panic and anxiety be known to anyone who is driving….unless it’s MRudd. Again, I say bless his heart. Poor boy thinks I think he’s an awful driver. Now, while he does not have a particularly clean record (ask him about that one time he flipped a car...on his mission…), this is not the case and I do trust his driving. Even if it does give me an occasional panic attack of life-flashing-before-my-eyes kind of an experience.

10. I really really really want to learn blog design stuff, so if any of you lovelies are in the know-how in this area and would be so kind to help a lady out...I would basically love you forever and owe you I don’t know, something real good. Please?


my best friend is heaven sent

Background: I am the oldest grandkid on my mom's side, and was the only grandkid for the first part of my life. It goes without saying I was loved, I was adored, by my aunts, my uncles (they even got me a card for the first time I peed on the potty...true story, it's in my scrapbook), but especially by my grandma. I was super close to my grandma all growing up. I looked up to her, I loved her, I wanted to spend all my time with her. She adored me, but I also adored her.

Then, in 2007, a week before Christmas, my grandma was in an awful car accident. She had been hit head on by a drunk driver and killed almost instantly. That experience was sudden and tragic and one I hate remembering. Someone I had loved SO much was taken. And I took that hard. 

Shortly after the accident, I was given a priesthood blessing in an attempt to find some kind of comfort. I knew of the truthfulness of the plan of salvation, but sometimes in the very dark and raw moments, that was not enough and did not bring sufficient solace. I had heard the man giving me the blessing talk before in casual conversation that he did not believe in guardian angels, that he believed angels were not primarily concerned with helping those still on this earth, but busied with teaching those on the other side. However, in the blessing that he gave me that night, I was promised that my grandma would be my guardian angel, that she would always be watching over me. I knew for a fact that this was not something coming from the one giving the blessing, but from God, that not only would He be watching over me, but so would she.

Fast forward a year and a half. I had just started my freshman year at ASU. All of my friends had chosen to go to school elsewhere, and I was left all alone. I knew no one my first couple of weeks in college. I was still struggling with losing my grandma, and taking that along with everything else in put me at what was probably my lowest low. I cried more in that first little bit than I think I had in the first 15 years of my life. I was so alone, so...down. I didn't know how to cope, but I knew I needed someone. I would pray all day every day, "Heavenly Father, I just need a friend. I just need a friend." 

One day, I was walking around institute, trying to find a place to sit. I turned a corner and saw Celeste, a girl I had gone to high school with. Celeste and I had several classes together in high school. We sat next to each other and edited one another's papers, but we weren't really friends outside of class. That day, she invited me to sit down and eat lunch with the group of girls she was already sitting with, and I did. I started meeting up with Celeste every day after that and pretty soon, we were inseparable. Eventually we became roommates, and literally spent just about every second together. We went on a dozen trips, we worked right across the street from each other, we took the exact same classes throughout our times at ASU...It was rare to see us apart. And we liked it that way!

Then I got married. And eight months later, Celeste got married.

On the day of her wedding, I was sitting next to my mom in the sealing room of the temple as we waiting. My mom asked if I knew who the woman sitting across from us was. I told her it was Celeste's grandma. That wasn't enough for my mom; she knew her from somewhere and she needed to know her name, like now. A couple hours later, at the luncheon, my mom went up to Celeste's grandma, wanting to figure out where she knew her from. Celeste's grandma told her that her name was Arvana, and my mom connected the dots instantly. She turned around to face me a few tables over and motioned for me to come to her. She did the same to Celeste. We got to where she was and my mom said to me, to us, "Celeste, this is your grandma? (turning to me), This is Arvana. She was Grandma's best friend for years and years and years, up until the accident." 

Immediately, I started crying, shaking. I grabbed Celeste and we hugged for a very....long time. All I could think was my grandma, my promised guardian angel, had watched over me when I was in my darkest hour, had seen that I needed a best friend, and thought that her best friend's granddaughter would be the perfect fit. 

Those few moments, where all the dots were connected, all the pieces came together, are ones I will never forget. Those few moments made me love Celeste even more than I already did, and put an even higher value on our friendship. I had always know that Celeste was an answer to my prayers, but I hadn't the slightest idea of the miracle, the angelic work, that had taken place behind the scenes.

So there you have it. My grandma and my best friend's grandma were best friends. And now, without any prior knowledge of their special friendship, their granddaughters are best friends. 

Coincidence? I wouldn't agree to that label if I was offered a million dollars. The Lord watches over us, He hears our prayers and our pleas. But He isn't the only one. We are not alone, and we are not forgotten. There are others, others whom we are important to, that are keeping watch.

This is Celeste and I, on my wedding day and hers. 

I know for a fact...This girl, my best friend, is heaven sent.


ten things tuesday

1. I hadn’t bought (or as my sweet Michael Rudd would say, “I hadn’t ‘boughten’”) a new swimsuit in five years because of a certain, um, situation (read: my big freaking boobs) until this weekend when Lime Ricki had an awesome Labor Day sale. I had just pinned a bunch of their tankini tops last week and decided this sale was the perfect opportunity to try my chances at finding a swimsuit that I don’t fall out of. Hoping they’ll actually work!

2. I crave salty and sweet things at the same time. I rarely crave them separately.

3. I often wake up with my silky soft fleece $10 blanket from Costco wrapped around my head slash face but never covering anything else. Obviously, it’s one of those blankets you just have to rub your face all over because of it’s killer softness.

4. The hardest decisions I ever have to make are what to eat. Breakfast is easy, I just have a cup of chocolate milk. But lunch and dinner? It’s like I forget what kinds of food exist and can come up with absolutely nothing. Michael Rudd kind of hates me for this sometimes. Or a lot of times.

5. I am horrible at returning phone calls. Like, I avoid it. Confrontational problems maybe??

6. I also hate listening to voicemails. I will let a voicemail sit in my inbox for days, even (and especially) if it’s from a number I don’t recognize.

7. My Aunt DoeDoe (Angel is her real name, btw) is one of my best friends. She knows how to put every feeling out there into words, and she is the best and understanding all sides of every situation. Basically, she’s my go-to and built-in therapist and I love her like crazy.

8. Speaking of best friends, the grandma of my best friend, Celeste, was best friends with my grandma. And no, our grandmas didn’t introduce us to one another. That story is one I should share. Soon.

9. I love popping zits. Love. It. My siblings ask when the next time I’m going to come over is because they need a fatty zit popped. It happens.

10. I love sitting in front of my bathroom mirror and turning the light on and off so I can watch my eyes dilate back and forth. Fascinating. Really.


ten things tuesday

  1. I hate doing my hair. Like, my routine every day is this: Shower. Shampoo and condition hair. Run a pick through it. Define part. Air dry. I hate spending time on it. I just do!
  2. I love typing. I am super fast at it and can put most typers to shame. Srsly.
  3. I keep a box of milk chocolate vanilla buttercreams from See’s in my desk at work. I also keep a box at home. They are the best candies ever, the only thing from See’s that I like, and are quite simply divine. Try one. Your life will be changed.
  4. In 7th grade, my best friend and I decided one day after school that we were going to pluck our eyebrows that night. I didn’t know there were any correct techniques for eyebrow plucking and just went for it, tweezing from the top until I thought I had a good shape (there was no YouTube yet, okay?). Little did I know (until the next morning when best friend got on the school bus with awesome eyebrows), you’re supposed to tweeze from the bottom. I was mortified and had awful eyebrows for the next like five years.
  5. Speaking of awkward teenage looks, I have never had braces. However, I have always wanted braces. We have AWESOME benefits through MRudd’s job, so we plan on me getting braces by the end of the year. And my lifetime dream will be fulfilled.
  6. I recently discovered that me and MRudd’s anniversary (7/13) is the vault number at Gringott’s that the Sorcerer’s Stone was kept in. Seriously, how on earth have I not made this connection before? Basically, now MRudd and I feel freaking awesome because we love HP so stinking much and our anniversary has something to do with it. Basically, we’re the coolest kids on the block. Just sayin.
  7. I live for 5:00. Srsly.
  8. I don’t really enjoy meat. The pioneer trek scarred me for life when it comes to eating chicken, I hate pork and seafood, and red meat cannot be red...or have the slightest bit of pink. Sometimes I can stomach meat, but most days, no thank you.
  9. I may or may not have to turn my wedding ring around when I’m in the temple because I get way too distracted. The lights in there make it sparkle real nice, what can I say??
  10. I love going on trips. Anywhere and everywhere. Too bad MRudd would rather stay at home!


6 things you should know about me

1. Is this how you imagined your life would be?
Pretty much, yes. I imagined being married to this stud since our first date. I imagined being done with school and working at a full time job. What I didn't imagine was the lack of desire for children (being real here), the status of "paralegal" at my age, or being an annual Disneyland pass holder.

2. If money were no question, I would purchase...
A house. A nice house. And a couple new cars. Nissan Juke, anyone?? I would also buy my way into being part owner of the $10 shoe store. Just for the discounts...Obvsly

3. What's your drink of choice when out with girlfriends?
Dr. Pepper, easy ice. Mr. Pibb will sometimes suffice.

4. What do you love about yourself?
I love that I know how to manage time, that I am efficient and productive and non-procrastinating. I love my long, full eye lashes, my small feet, and nicely shaped ears. I love my blondness and that I can laugh at myself for it. And I love that I can play the piano well, and teach well too. I love my creativeness and my eye for detail.

5. Name one good deed you did that went unseen.
I'm not really sure what the definition of "unseen" is, but not too long ago I paid for the car behind me's food in the In 'N Out drive through. Lots of happy feelings afterward. I should do that again. Other than that, I love to send little notes via real live mail to people all the time. Every once in a while someone will come back and tell me that my note is something they really needed that day. If you can make that big a difference by doing something so small and un-time consuming, more of it should be done. For sure.

6. What hobbies do you have that you don't mention on your blog?
Letsbehonest, I'm not sure what I've mentioned here and what I haven't. But...My hobbies include: Sudoku, playing and teaching piano, garage saling, scouring Amazon, blog stalking, hanging out with MRudd, doing nails, making lists, furniture re-do projects, doodling and going to baseball games.

There you have it. Now I tag all ya'll!!


ten things tuesday

1. I am a complusive list maker. And I dream (seriously folks) about getting things on my list(s) done. You should see my desk. And my purse. And my phone. And my Kindle. And my fridge. And the inside of my head for that matter. I even make lists of lists to make. Lists on lists on lists on lists. Srsly.

2. I hate the word peek. Like “take a peek.” Hate it. Peep isn’t much better.

3. i get super cold super easy. I keep a sweater in my car and at work. And I sleep with our huge duvet year round….In addition to my flat sheet. Michael Rudd on the other hand...We have three fans in our bedroom and that boy still overheats!

4. I change my phone case as often as I go to church, meaning it’s a weekly thing. Right now I’m sporting a hot pink floral number.

5. I go garage saling every Saturday morning. I also have two McDonald’s hash browns and a large Dr. Pepper for breakfast every Saturday morning. And I don’t even feel bad about it.

6. I love love love chocolate milk. Like, addiction status. I have at least two cups a day, but most days there’s three. One in the morning with (sometimes for) breakfast, one when I get home, and one just before brushing my teeth and climbing into bed. Oh, and Nesquick powder all the way. None of this syrup or pre-made business.

7. I forget my leftover lunch slash all other food at work like every day. It’s a problem. Sometimes a moldy one. Gross.

8. I am the world’s pickiest eater. And if I’m not the pickiest, I’m definitely in the top five. Just ask my poor husband. This chick doesn’t like anything.

9. When MRudd was on his mission, we sent a bucket list back and forth. It has things like “Go to Harry Potter World” and “Ride in a hot air balloon” written on it. We need to revisit that little gem and cross some things off!

10. Before graduating from ASU, I would get asked “So what are you going to do once you graduate??” My response, every time, was “I’m going to watch TV.” And I was serious! I had watched next to zero TV that entire four years (with the exception of Biggest Loser) and I was ready for some down time away from textbooks and writing papers. MRudd was (and is) thrilled. The kid loves shows and movies. Since graduation, we have watched all four seasons of Community (hilarious, btw) and Whodunnit. Last night, I watched my very first episode of Friends. If MRudd was thrilled before, he’s even more thrilled now. He loves that show so much that he owns all ten seasons on DVD. I, on the other hand, had never before seen an episode. Here goes nothin...Ten seasons of nothin...


ten things tuesday

1. I hate cold water. Except when brushing my teeth. Cold water is the only way to go for that activity. Give me something warmer for drinking, swimming, showering, washing my hands, etc.

2. I recently discovered instant jello and it’s one-ingredient-five-minutes-to-make awesomeness. I recommend oreo and vanilla flavors. Holy freak delicious.

3. A while back, we upgraded our queen size bed for a king. We’ve picked out our bedding (this fancy little number) and everything, but I have yet to purchase it because bedding is hecka expensive! I mean you got the sheets and the duvet insert thing and the duvet cover...Sheesh! I think it’s bugging MRudd a tad...He confronted me on Sunday with a, “So like have you ordered our bedding yet?” No, Michael Rudd, I have not. $$$$$$$

4. I teach piano. I love teaching piano. I know...You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, along with the 500 other young Mormon women who live within a mile of you!” So what if lots of people teach. It’s fun, it’s using my talents, it’s rewarding, it’s lucrative, it’s a side job that doesn’t require obnoxious amounts of time...I say whoever decides to teach piano, or anything they’re good at for that matter, is pretty dang smart! I’ve taught for eight years. The least amount of students I’ve ever had was four (when I first started) and the most students I ever had at one time was 18 (my senior year of high school). It was awesome, but obviously, I didn’t have that kind of time available my first year of college. No way Jose. Right now I’ve got 15! Super fun.

5. I love Sudoku. A couple weekends ago, we planned a date night with our bmfs that revolved around my need for a book full of sudoku puzzles. I went for one. I walked out with four. And a book about Disneyland, because hello, I need that in my life. Srsly.

6. Yesterday, whilst flipping through the radio stations on my way to work, I definitely chose One Direction over Taylor Swift. I’m a die hard T-Swift fan (leave 20 minutes early the morning her newest album is released so that I can buy it from Target (deluxe edition, hello?!) on my way to work even though I won’t even have time to listen to it until after work), but what can I say? Sometimes One Direction just has that one thing. And sometimes that one thing is just a tad more than T-Swift can offer. It happens.

7. Most people hate cleaning out the holes where their wisdom teeth used to be in the weeks post wisdom teeth removal, but I love it. Not even going to lie, it irritates me when nothing comes out and I get super excited when I do get a little something to flush out of there. Gross, maybe, but to each his own, okay? So...cool.

8. I love Harry Potter. No, I am obsessed with Harry Potter. I even took (and got an A in, mind you) a Harry Potter class at ASU that counted toward my degree. Srsly. And it was bomb. MRudd has this game on his phone called Heads Up Charades! (think mix between charades and Catch Phrase). They recently updated with a Harry Potter category. If you want to see something impressive, watch me blow those HP questions out of the water. But seriously. And this morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, the HP theme song started playing in my head. So that was awesome.

9. Almost every single piece of furniture in our house was thrifted in some way, shape, or form. We came to this realization last night. Glad my husband’s okay with that one...

10. It took me all day to come up with this list. Apparently I should get to know myself some more.

Please note: Although this post is entitles "Ten Things Tuesday," don't expect one of these bad boys every Tuesday. But coming up with this list was fun, so we'll see where it goes.


the $10 shoe store {yes, you read that right}

***Disclaimer: This post is informative in nature. The author does not assume responsibility for any damage done after viewing the content herein, whether it be to the bank account of the reader or in relationships with anyone of the husband type.***

And yes, that disclaimer is going to be needed. Again.

Let me let you in on a sweet little secret of mine which I refer to as the $10 shoe store. I have bad habit of nonchalantly mentioning this place, but not giving any further detail...It's time I share the wealth. Which there may be none of as soon as you hear about this place...

MRudd came over as I was screen-shotting this image from their website, as soon after realizing what I was looking at, got a worried look on his face. I quickly relieved him by saying, "Don't worry, I'm not shopping, just screen-shotting so I can share my secret." He then let out a big sigh of relief and walked away only after I exited out of that window. See what I mean by the necessity of having that disclaimer??

Anyway. I'm going to give you a few facts about this place, and that's all you need to know.
  • Wholesale Fashion Shoes. It's in Phoenix. 4041 E. Thomas Rd. to be exact. And yes, that is one of the few addresses I have memorized.
  • Every pair of shoes is $10.88. They carry all sorts of boots (in their very own boot room, might I add), too, but those aren't always $10.88. The most expensive pair of boots I've ever seen was $24.88.
  • They get new inventory every week. Every. Single. Week. Ladies. (I'm hearing, "Danger up ahead" from the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland going off in my head right now).
  • You can sign up for their weekly email in the store. The email comes on Wednesday (sometimes Tuesday night!). Highlight of the week, people. Not even joking. Definitely recommend that...just sayin...I've been known to literally gasp out loud, "The shoe email!" when it shows up in my inbox. It's like Christmas. On a weekly basis. And what's not to love about that?
  • They say the put their new inventory out on Wednesday, therefore Wednesdays are madness down there. However, they actually put it out on Monday. So Monday is the day to go. But that little tidbit is ONLY between you and me. No telling that one, mkay? :D
  • The music they choose to play is awful, definitely my least favorite part of the whole experience. Too much for my innocent soft virgin ears. I've learned to tune it out, though, but you should still be warned anyway!
  • The workers are a bunch of young kids that like to goof off and flirt with one another, but they are very helpful and super nice. I utilize them as much as I can or need to, because you know, sometimes you don't want to hunch over and dig through stacks of boxes to find your size all the while trying to keep your bag from falling off your shoulder and not take up the entire (small) aisle and you need someone to help you out a little. Or you can't reach that top shelf for the life of you because you're just too dang short and you need the super tall kid to do it for you. Or you can't seem to carry four yes boxes around and try on other shoes at the same time and you need the girl at the front to hold your treasures for you til you're done combing over the store once. Or twice. Or three times. Just to make sure you didn't miss anything, you know? I know. Use the workers. They make the shopping experience much better and can save you quite a bit of time! And sore armage.
  • These shoes aren't crappy shoes! I have found Steve Maddens there (not too often, but a few different times!), Forever 21 shoes, Soda brand, and lots of others that department stores in the mall carry. I've purchased a few pairs at WFS that I later saw another store (Kohl's, JCP, Rainbow) for $25-$30. Holler. This isn't to say I've had some shoes fall apart on me. My summer sandals that I bought last summer are starting to break at the end of this summer. But hello! I've worn the life out of those suckers! So that's to be expected. No other complaints from me though!
  • They're ahead of the trends and have tons to choose from, but sometimes (raretimes) it's hit and miss. I've walked out of there a few times with (literally, and I'm pretty sure this is my record) seven new pairs (shoe addict anyone??) and other times (seldomtimes) walked out with nothing.
  • They have all types of shoes. Flats, sandals, wedges, heels, boots, tennies, everything! And you're going to see some super weird pairs from time to time too.
  • They also carry handbags, wallets, and jewelry. I just go for the shoes.
And that, ladies, is all I think you need to know. It's worth the drive, the crappy music, the sometimes crowds, and the high school employees because $10 shoes?? Who can pass that up?!


daily deal sites

***Disclaimer: This post is informative in nature. The author does not assume responsibility for any damage done after viewing the content herein, whether it be to the bank account of the reader or in relationships with anyone of the husband type.***

Let's talk about the awesomeness that is daily deal sites. I have several that I get emails for every day, and seriously...they have the cutest things. Like all the time. Jewelry, address stamps, washi tape, picture frames, maxi skirts, hair accessories, wall vinyl, photo backdrops, blankets, and more and more and more. Not only is it beneficial when I buy something, because hello, it's mine now, but also when I don't buy something that I really really really just want. Do you know what kind of self control that takes?! Lots, and it's good practice.

I have purchased several things from the following sites...Some I like better than others, but the good thing is their deals change every day! Some have several deals a day, some only have one. Anywho, there's a lot, so brace yourself! Also, yourewelcomeimsorry.


p.s. i adore you | http://www.psiadoreyou.com/

pick your plum | http://pickyourplum.com/

the bungalow boutique | http://bbdailydeals.com/

zulily | http://www.zulily.com/

I was going to write a little blurb about each one, but let's face it. There's too many. Ain't nobody got time for that.