The most random post ever

First of all, my blog has been Christmas-fied!!
You like??

So. For the random.

Last week, I made this wreath for my madre.

I think it turned out super cute.
If you like it and you want one, I'll make you one for like 15 bucks. That's just cost of materials. Just let me know.

Love it.

This is my friend, Cayden.

Secretly he is Michael Rudd's nephew.

The other day, Momma Rudd, Whitney, Cayden & Riley (Whit's kids), and I went to this mongo boutique in Scottsdale. The drive was too much for this kiddo and he totally zonked out. Like this.

It was so cute.

Saturday, I was leaving work at approximately 5 pm. I walked outside to find this...

I love the weather that we've had the past few days.
The wet cold...It's wonderful.
Especially in the morning...the air just feels so crisp and clean.
Maybe I'm just weird.

Last but not least {for tonight anyway}, also on Saturday night...Kelcie and I were driving to Hobby Lobby when I looked at my speedometer and saw that it was a pattern!!

I thought it was cool.

And that's all.


XXXUnder ConstructionXXX

Don't mind my blog right now.
It's temporarily under construction.


For some of us, it's been a LONG day...

When me and my mom got home from visiting teaching, we found Spencer in the hall like this...

Oh Spencer....

P.S. That was over an hour ago and he's still there.


Things that I love...

  1. roller coasters {I'm craving them pretty bad}
  2. Biggest Loser parties {They are the BEST}
  3. cute hair accessories {Too bad my collection is now significantly...depleted}
  4. cold minty breath {like right after you brush your teeth}
  5. road trips {especially to California}
  6. Owl City {Please love them with me}
  7. caramel {caramel anything...yum}
  8. piano {yeah kind of a big thing}
  9. Nissan Tital 4 doors {love love love them}
  10. Hollywood Tower of Terror {gah...right up there with roller coasters}
  11. making jewelry {with the one and only Lauren of course}
  12. driving with my windows down {especiallly just after it's rained}
  13. fall {when it feels like fall}
  14. new jeans {especially the clearance but still super cute kind}
  15. things that sparkle {everything that sparkles}
  16. shoes {they're kind of like a drug}
  17. blog stalking {yeah...I do it}
  18. broccoli {delicious delicious}
  19. hayrides {coupled with caroling}
  20. Pride & Prejudice {I made this list before our conversation, C & B}
  21. conference issues of the Ensign {please read "That Your Burdens May Be Light" from the latest issue}
  22. my owl keychain {gracias Old Navy}
  23. Polly my Pink PC {thank you Zoe for the name}
  24. Subway {I love me some chicken bacon ranch}
  25. pink {so what if I'm girly}
  26. my bed {warm and comfy...me gusta}
  27. quotes {please share any good ones}
  28. scarves {even though I'm kind of retarded at wearing them}
  29. my owl necklace {goes with pretty much everything}
  30. strawberry lemonade {mmm mmm mmm}
  31. little little babies {so sweet}
  32. clouds {if only we could have them every day}
  33. bubble gum {but not the sugarless kind}
  34. pedicures {being pampered is excellent}
  35. card games {hand and foot with the Rudd's and Skip Bo baby}
  36. flowers {smell yummy and look pretty...hey, they're like girls!}
  37. chocolate covered strawberries {mouth. is. watering.}
  38. soft tissues {that don't make your nose raw}
  39. Saturdays at Milano's {probably the best day of work ever...love you Linton-Milano girls!}
  40. the beach {my heart longs for California}
  41. the gospel {duh}
  42. asparagus {ask me about the side effects...nonetheless, delicious}
  43. taking pictures {and having pictures taken...actually no. just the final product part}
  44. french silk pie {good ol' Village Inn}
  45. Christmas music {it's almost time!!}
  46. fake nails {dear DoeDoe...}
  47. homemade tamales {heavenly...I wish I was Mexicano for this reason}
  48. no school {3 weeks left}
  49. boutiques {so fun!!}
  50. my Cricut {my craft sidekick}


Tonight, I'm going to my first midnight showing ever...to New Moon of course!! I'm not so much excited for the actual movie {Twilight was super lame}, and I probably won't be able to stay awake through the whole thing. I'm not good at staying up late. Seriously. Last night, I was falling asleep at 9:45. I'm so going to crash. But I don't care because it will be super fun. And I will finally be able to say that I, Kymber, have been to a midnight showing. It will be excellent.



Please youtube Tim Hawkins.
He is SO funny.

Right now my feelings are torn...kind of.

Last Thursday, I didn't have to be at school til 3:00, so I decided to play with Spencer.
We wanted to go to Seagull Book, so we did. Well. Spencer saw the temple on our way there and was all cute-like and said, "Kymbalee, I wanna go to da tempool."
It was the most precious thing ever.
So we went.

Yeah he's cute. But you know what's not so cute? When he decided to take all my flowers that I wear in my hair...and flush the down the toilet. Yeah. Not cute. Too bad it's next to impossible to be mad at him because he's so stinkin' cute. Curse you cuteness. But I mean, I guess it's alright.


I've got a bone to pick with blogspot.

So basically here is my excuse for not blogging for a long time.
I really really really want to change my blog background but...{insert long story here}...I can't. And I don't know why I can't. But it's not working. So I have been frustrated with Sir Blogspot and decided to boycott for a little while.
That's all.
So if any of you are technical geniuses and can help me out...that would be great and I would appreciate it mucho.
And now I will blog about random things in random posts at random times in my day. So to the like 5 of you that read my blog, I hope you like you some random.
The end.


Hello?? It's NOVEMBER!!!

Um hi.
It's November.
In case anyone wasn't aware.
You know what the problem is with this November?
It's 94˚!!
Um excuse me.
But 94˚ is NOT fall weather.
It makes me somewhat angry.
Because I have a super cute jacket and super cute scarves.
And guess what?
I can't wear them.
Because it's 94˚.
In November.