The most random post ever

First of all, my blog has been Christmas-fied!!
You like??

So. For the random.

Last week, I made this wreath for my madre.

I think it turned out super cute.
If you like it and you want one, I'll make you one for like 15 bucks. That's just cost of materials. Just let me know.

Love it.

This is my friend, Cayden.

Secretly he is Michael Rudd's nephew.

The other day, Momma Rudd, Whitney, Cayden & Riley (Whit's kids), and I went to this mongo boutique in Scottsdale. The drive was too much for this kiddo and he totally zonked out. Like this.

It was so cute.

Saturday, I was leaving work at approximately 5 pm. I walked outside to find this...

I love the weather that we've had the past few days.
The wet cold...It's wonderful.
Especially in the morning...the air just feels so crisp and clean.
Maybe I'm just weird.

Last but not least {for tonight anyway}, also on Saturday night...Kelcie and I were driving to Hobby Lobby when I looked at my speedometer and saw that it was a pattern!!

I thought it was cool.

And that's all.

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