10 days

Last week was momentous. I completed my last assignment and test of my college career. Big deal, right? That was Monday, and I was on a high, let me tell you. Such a high that I had completely forgotten about the awful week-long exhaustion that comes after every single semester. And let me tell you, this was the worst bout of that yet. I was loving the feeling of having zero responsibilities in the schoolwork department, but I had zero energy to do something with my new found spare time, hardly any oompf to relish that relief. Like I said, this happens every semester, but this round was by far the worst. We went to bed early (we're talking 9:00pm here folks) every night. Wednesday night I was so beat that I went to bed at 7:30! Who does that?! As soon as my head hit the pillow every night, I was out like a light. I would sleep like a rock all night long, and then when my alarm would go off, I couldn't get up! MRudd gets up and leaves for work by 6:00am, and I usually get up when he leaves. I'm proud of how productive I am with that extra hour in the mornings, but last week it wasn't happening. I could hardly pull myself out of bed by 7:15 in order to rush through my morning routine and run out the door to make it to work by 8:00am. I showed up with wet hair every day because when you're running late and you still need to blow dry your hair...well....ain't nobody got time for that. I would then spend the entire day longing for my bed, completely exhausted and drained, even if it was only 10:00 in the morning. We're talking eyes-burning-can't-concentrate-long-enough-to-answer-simple-questions kind of exhausted. Every. Day. I zombied my way through the day and week. It was awful. I was even falling asleep in sacrament this past Sunday! Goodness. Obviously, this semester kicked my butt.

Monday morning came with it's 6:00am alarm, and boom, I was awake. Ready to go. Felt super energized and ready to tackle my long lists of to-dos. I was so with it that I was ten minutes early to work. Again, who does that? Same thing happened this morning, only today is my day off. 6:00am and BAM. Up and at 'em. Usually my day off consists of not much else more than schoolschoolschool. But today is different. Lacking on my lists of to-dos today is any form, type, or kind of schoolwork. And that feels AWESOME. It's 9:00am and I've already cleaned my house (including dusting everything in sight, organizing my dresser drawers, putting hung-to-dry laundry away, and cleaning all fans and light fixtures), gotten myself ready, listed some things on MesaConsign, eaten breakfast, and blogged. Basically, I'm awesome and I'm really feelin' it right now.

The moral of my story is that school does a number to you, at least it does to me. It's pretty uncool how it sucks up the majority of your life, leaving you with little to no spare time during the semester, and then the second the semester ends, it sucks the life out of you for at least a week. Not cool, school, not cool. But I made it through the wilderness and have only ten days til it's all over for good. What's up.