Green Thumb {Not}

This...is what happens when my mom tries to plant a garden.

She mutates the strawberries.

The end.


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Movie Junkie

Anyone who knows me knows I rarely go to the movies.
They know this because I never know what movies certain quotes come from and what not.
In the past two weeks, I have seen three movies!!
In a movie theater!!
I think that's some kind of record.
Last night, Michael Rudd and I went and saw When In Rome.
I have been dying to see this since I saw the previews for it when we went and saw Sherlock Holmes {this is my shout out to Whitney and Kirk}.
And super cute.
Ugh so good.
It met all my expectations and I would go see it again if anyone asked me to.
Or by myself.
Please please go see it.


To Linton-Milano Music {aka Milano's}

I love my job.

I love the girls I work with.

I love the extremely difficult customers.

I love repricing music.

I love the layers of dust on the filing cabinets.

I love getting the Sweetcakes craving every day.
I love taking lessons payments.
I love calling "not it" when our "favorite" customers come in.
I love mailing music.

I love the jam-packed & intimidating composers section.
I love how we can go from angrily ranting about whatever to answering the phone angelicly in a split second.
I love unpacking music.
I love getting new EZ Play issues & having to move everything.
I love the Saturdays that drag on and on and on. And on.
I love the one kid who is an amazing pianist that doesn't have a piano at home, so he comes & plays in one of our studios for hours.
I love finding projects in the office so I can hear amazing pianist boy play.
I love that I get to see all the new music that comes out.
I love watching/spying on people downstairs.
I love closing.
I love singing obnoxiously when you think that only employees are in the store, only to turn around & see that you have an audience of 1 or 2 customers.
I love finding books in my section that are 10 years older than I am.
I love retrieving the water bottles that get stuck in the dang vending machine.
I love leaving work & seeing people getting pictures taken by our music wall outside.
I love the extravagant decor in the hallway.
I love the students & parents that I've become friends with.
I love the little green golf cart men that have given me a dozen parking citations.
I love the way all of us LMM girls talk the same & use the same phrases & such.
I love the understock drawers that refuse to stay closed.
I love the aspiring musicians who grace everyone with their marvelous talents by obnoxiously blowing horns & saxophones & blaring amps. Bless their hearts.
I love the aspiring musicians who grace everyone with the marvelous talents & who actually know what they're doing.
I love the customers that sing while they look at songbooks.
I love knowing exactly what music people are looking for when they don't even know themselves.
I love the inside jokes that we LMM girls have.
I love the army of gnats or fruit flies or whatever the heck they are that have chosen to abode in our lovely working place.
I love running things across the street to the piano store.
I love the teachers & all their coolness.
Yes, I love my job.


Sneak Peek

A couple weeks ago, Michael Rudd and I got our pictures taken by the famous Busy Bee Lauren.
After axiously waiting and waiting some more, she posted our sneak peak!!
Sadly {and much to my disappointment}, she only posted 2 of our pictures...
which means we get to wait even longer.
Oh well...
Here are our dos pictures so far.

Me gusta, me gusta!! Can't wait for the rest!!


Today I...{Take 2}

...got frustrated when Blogger messed up my post I had spent 45 minutes working on and decided to not even bother fixing it.

Today I...

...woke up half an hour before my alarm.
...found out Ida's tires were extremely bald and coming apart.
...made breakfast with Chef Michael Rudd.
...almost threw up when my mom showed me the hair she had pulled out of the shower drain.
...saw the hugest RV I've ever seen in my life.
...envied Momma Rudd's $2.50 Down East Basics dress.
...couldn't laugh at any jokes.
...had to fork over $230 for new tires.

...enjoyed my favorite kind of weather - wet cold.
...realized the weather matched my mood.

...wanted to talk about things that are making me sad, but was afraid to.

...cleaned my room.
...started homework (sick).

...got a really bad headache.

...listened to everyone in my house sing and dance like General Larry Platt.

...missed Michael Rudd.

...mortified my cousins with the idea of pazookie.

...put my clothes away instead of throwing the neatly folded pile on my chair.

...cried a lot.

...got my privacy invaded a little when my mom read a love note to me from Michael Rudd.

...held my mom to her promise to play Skip-Bo with me.

...didn't come to terms with the fact that I have to go back to school tomorrow.

...realized didn't go as planned.


How Pro Chocolate Milk Makers Make Their Chocolate Milk

Behold, the Moo Mixer.
Step 1: Pour your milk...into your Moo Mixer.

Step 2: Throw some Nesquik...in your Moo Mixer. Do not stir.

Step 3: Press the button located on top of the cow-like handle...of the Moo Mixer.

Step 4: Count to 2 Mississippi & watch in fascination as your chocolate milk does this ^....in your Moo Mixer.

Step 5: Enjoy your delicious chocolate milk in a matter of seconds...thanks to...your Moo Mixer.


Let's Play a Game {Take 2}

Remember way back when I posted about the toilet in the middle of my backyard? And how I made a game out of it? Yeah we're doing that again. Ready...go.

What's out of place?

I'll give you a hint. It's not the games.
Maybe a close-up will help...

Say hello to Jerzee.
I went to get a game out of my parent's closet yesterday afternoon...
I climbed up there and screamed when I unexpectedly came eye to eye with this gato.
That's all.