Today I...

...woke up half an hour before my alarm.
...found out Ida's tires were extremely bald and coming apart.
...made breakfast with Chef Michael Rudd.
...almost threw up when my mom showed me the hair she had pulled out of the shower drain.
...saw the hugest RV I've ever seen in my life.
...envied Momma Rudd's $2.50 Down East Basics dress.
...couldn't laugh at any jokes.
...had to fork over $230 for new tires.

...enjoyed my favorite kind of weather - wet cold.
...realized the weather matched my mood.

...wanted to talk about things that are making me sad, but was afraid to.

...cleaned my room.
...started homework (sick).

...got a really bad headache.

...listened to everyone in my house sing and dance like General Larry Platt.

...missed Michael Rudd.

...mortified my cousins with the idea of pazookie.

...put my clothes away instead of throwing the neatly folded pile on my chair.

...cried a lot.

...got my privacy invaded a little when my mom read a love note to me from Michael Rudd.

...held my mom to her promise to play Skip-Bo with me.

...didn't come to terms with the fact that I have to go back to school tomorrow.

...realized didn't go as planned.


  1. Kymber, I love you and I'm sorry you were feeling sad, if you need to talk, give me a call or something k?

  2. Why you sad and no call me? ...

    Missed Michael Rudd? Didn't you say you made breakfast with him? ... It's gonna be a long 2 years :+)

    AND, since your mom has already read the love letter, can i too? :)

  3. I only read it because it was left open on the kitchen table. If you want to keep things private girly, hide them or put them away. I wouldn't consider it a "love letter". It was just a happy little note.


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