Random bits and pieces

Last Saturday, Spencer wasn't feeling too good...After he threw up on me, I gave him a bath. Afterwards, he was SUPER cold. Like his teeth were chattering, poor thing. Secretly, it was adorable. So i wrapped him a up in a blanket and he looked like a mummy.
Seriously, I love this kid. Look at how cute he is!!
Snug like a bug in a rug!!

Thursday night, I stayed at my aunt's house in Queen Creek. Her cat just had kitties and they were SO cute. There are 6 of them, but only 3 of them would cooperate long enough for pictures.
Friday, I took Spencer and the s to Field to play on the playground. The weather was BEAUTIFUL.

Diggin' for treasure...Way to multi-task!!

Several swings later...still diggin' deep!!

He is precious. The end.


Snake Skin Savvy

Wednesday, Hannah and I went to Payless just for the heck of it. We found these boots...They were only $10!!! I wonder why :)

Attractive, I know.


More Jewelry

Yesterday, I babysat for Lauren Patch (the bead lady). She said that I could make some jewelry while she was gone, so once Cayden fell asleep, I did!!

Monday Monday Monday

Monday, Jannae and I did some running around after school. One of our stops was Target. We were looking at shoes when Jannae found some galoshes. She, of course, had to put them on. Quite entertaining..

Later that night, our family went out for ice cream with Grandpa Lewis for Brylee's birthday. She turned 9 on Saturday.

Sorry the picture is so dark.

Spencer dropped his ice cream about 50 times. As you can see, he was covered with that creamy goodness.


Bead Party!!!

I promised further details on my bead party, so here they are!! If you for some reason did not get a personal invite, here it is. Here you go!!
Alright, so this Saturday, April 18th, and 3:00 pm at my house (2560 E. Elmwood). As far as cost goes, you pick the beads, so you pick the price. $10-$15 is reccommended. It will be so so so SO much fun so please come!! For samples and examples of beads/bracelets/etc., see previous posts :)

Ex-Elder Paxman

Easter day, one of our family's two favorite missionaries ever, Elder (Scott) Paxman, came to visit. He finished the mish and went home at the end of January but came back last weekend to see the Easter Pageant, meaning he would stop by our house to see us as well. We were all way excited. He stayed and talked for a couple of hours and then went to visit more people. After he left, my mom mentioned that we forgot to get a picture of him, so he came back Monday afternoon. It was super weird seeing him in street clothes, shorts nonetheless. What was even weirder was being able to call him "Scott" and not "Elder." I stuck to calling him Paxman.

Pretend Kelcie is somewhere in there. She was still at school.
We love Paxman!!


Another word for work is costume party

Friday, Rachel, Hannah, and I went to Pirates for lunch. We went through the drive-thru and then got out and sat at a table. Not sure what our thinking was. Anyway, the guy that was working the drive-thru was full on dressed...as a PIRATE!!! It was the greatest thing ever. Totally made my day.

Yeah, he's pretty hard core.

It was a windy day, ok?

Easter Pageant Time #1

Last night, Rachel, Hannah, Jannae, and I went to the Spanish version of the Easter Pageant. I understood more than I thought I would, almost the whole thing. I love the Easter Pageant!! The ending is, of course, my favorite part. I will be going 3 more times before it is no more. The Pageant is so great and we are so blessed to have it where we live!!

Jannae, me, loco Hannah.

Jannae, me, still loco Hannah, Rachel

The end!!

I wanted a picture with a soldier. I wanted a red one, not a blue one, but this guy was way cool!! That knife that he's holding up to my throat is REAL!!! And SHARP!!! I couldn't move or else really, we would be in big trouble. Scared the snot out of me, but hey, it makes for a good story.

Hannah wrestling Jannae for shotgun. Told you she's loco.

What about breakfast at Kymberlee's?

Thursday morning, we didn't have to go to school until 10:00 due to AIMS testing (so glad I never have to see that test again). I had most of the laurels in my ward, and Rachel and Hannah over for breakfast. It was lots of fun and very yummy. Thanks, s!!

Cute, I know.

Jannae forgot her lunch, so she made a new one at my house.

Rachel Ray. 'Nuf said.


You know those necklaces that are plain silver chains with charms? If you don't know what I'm talking about, picture the YW Medallion. That kind of necklace. Well...I have a bunch of them, but the whole short necklace deal is so not my thing. I really like the charms on my necklaces, but the poor things never get a day out because I can't stand wearing them due to their shortness. I was quite distraught over this when I had the idea to put the charms on bracelets!! I wear bracelets almost every day, so my plan was perfecto. So yesterday, I went to Lauren Patch's and made a few pretty bracelets with my necklace charms :) Here are my "kreation's"...
No charms yet...Lauren had a bracelet that she had already made that I had really liked the last time I beaded with her so I pretty much copied it and made my own (with a few changes).
This one is my favorite....I LOVE it!!

I really like this one...but I'm not so much into pastels. But I love the key!!

Those were my accomplishments for the night. And just so you all are aware, there is a bead party in the near future...The plan is April 18th at 4:00pm at my house. Further details to come :)