Easter Pageant Time #1

Last night, Rachel, Hannah, Jannae, and I went to the Spanish version of the Easter Pageant. I understood more than I thought I would, almost the whole thing. I love the Easter Pageant!! The ending is, of course, my favorite part. I will be going 3 more times before it is no more. The Pageant is so great and we are so blessed to have it where we live!!

Jannae, me, loco Hannah.

Jannae, me, still loco Hannah, Rachel

The end!!

I wanted a picture with a soldier. I wanted a red one, not a blue one, but this guy was way cool!! That knife that he's holding up to my throat is REAL!!! And SHARP!!! I couldn't move or else really, we would be in big trouble. Scared the snot out of me, but hey, it makes for a good story.

Hannah wrestling Jannae for shotgun. Told you she's loco.

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  1. watch out now! haha i wish i could of attended looks like tons of fun.


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