Another word for work is costume party

Friday, Rachel, Hannah, and I went to Pirates for lunch. We went through the drive-thru and then got out and sat at a table. Not sure what our thinking was. Anyway, the guy that was working the drive-thru was full on dressed...as a PIRATE!!! It was the greatest thing ever. Totally made my day.

Yeah, he's pretty hard core.

It was a windy day, ok?


  1. i like your blog! it's nice you've joined the rest of us blogheads!

  2. ahhh.
    so this is why you asked for my e-mail...ahaha
    all i can say is. you WOULD have a blog. and you WOULD put every other thing as piano for your interests. bahaha. you crazy.

  3. I love it when he dresses like that! The other day he told Chad and I that he missed us haha... Every time I try and eat outside it is mega windy. I lost my napkins, my sauce, and messed up my newly done nails the last time I tried.


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