Girls Camp

This week, I went up to Camp Lomia for s camp!! It was my last year, and I was on Junior Staff. It was so much fun and I had a blast!! I'm pretty sad that I won't be going back, though...at least not until I'm married. Camp is the highlight of my summer every summer. There is such a special spirit on those grounds that you can't find anywhere else. I am definitely going to miss it.
Anyway...On a happier note, here are some pictures!!
Me, Rachel Ray, Karissa Galbraith, and Jannae getting ready to load the buses.
The day after we got to camp, the 3rd years hiked East Rim. Here are all of the 34th ward s that went on the hike (girls, YCL's, leaders, and me).

Me and Kelcie on the way back down.

The hike wasn't as bad as I remember it. I was dreading it big time, but it ended up being the best/most fun hike I've been on. That's saying A LOT, seeing that I loathe hiking.
I was really glad that I got to hike with Kelcie.

Intense, I know.

All of the Junior Staff s.

Tuesday night was the spiritual program. Junior Staff put on a skit. Basically, it was about how everyone has different trials, big or small, visible or behind the scenes. But no matter what, Christ, the Savior of the world, know what we're going throught, and how it is our responsibility to give our burdens to Him so that He can bring us peace and comfort.

The setting was at a get-together in the backyard of one of the JS s. In the skit, Rachel Johnson was the main who was in a rough patch in her life and felt like no one understood what she was going through. The rest of us JS s, who played her friends, told her stories of real and personal trials that we've been through and how we got through them by relying on the Lord. Several of the JS s sung solos to go with their stories. The finale song was "For Good" from Wicked.

The program was AWESOME. We performed better than we had ever rehearsed and the spirit was SO strong. I didn't think too many s were super touched until the closing prayer was said. There were constant sniffles. After the prayer, s flooded the stage and everyone was crying and hugging and it was just so cool. Seriously. It was amazing. s that I've never seen cry before were bawling because they were so touched. It was seriously the coolest thing EVER.

Late Tuesday night, after the rest of camp had gone to bed, JS caught a bat!! With the help of Uncle Phil of course. After we caught it, we found out it was a mommy bat and it was carrying a nursing baby!! It was so itty bitty and super cute. We gave it to the nature lady.

Wednesday, I went lling with the 3rd year s. It was a lot of fun, but I got sunburned :(. We got all the s to go down but one. This was my 3rd time lling and I love it!!

Those were all of the major points, I think....

Girls camp was SO fun!! I had the time of my life on Junior Staff...We were spoiled like crazy, stayed up late, had dance parties in the lodge, and pretty much anything else we wanted to do. We decided that we flunked Junior Staff so that we would have to come back next year and do it all again. I got to know these s and our stake leaders on a whole new level and I loved every minute of it!! I love s camp!!


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