What's a girl to do without her....

Last weekend I bought some new shoes. Observe.

Pair #1: Kohl's. Hated them the first time I saw them. Went back 2 weeks later and immediately fell in love.

Pair #2: Hottie. Clearance. Bow? Super classy. And burgundy? Loooove it.
Pair #3: Hottie. Clearance. Reptile skin. Square peep toe. Awesome.

Pair #4: Target. These ones are CHUNKERS. Huge. Love them.
I think I might have a shoe problem.

The good news is that it grows back...

I had my mom chop my hair off Wednesday morning.

Don't mind the groginess of the before picture...I was/am sick.
Obviously, from the second picture, I'm not so sure how I feel about the short hair thing yet.
And it's a little shorter than it looks like it is in the after picture.
That's all.


What's My Problem?

Right now, I really don't want to go to sleep.
The problem is, I really need to because tomorrow is the most dreaded day of the year at work.
At least, for me it is anyway.
Tomorrow is the beloved A.A.M.F. aka a huge music judging festival thing upstairs at Milano's.
It makes for a long and crazy day.
The kind where your feet hurt like nobody's business by the time it's over.
Really, it'll be alright since I don't have to dress up and be a room captain.
Instead I actually get to do my real job, the one that I enjoy, and help people find their music.
So what I'm saying is that I really need to go to sleep because tomorrow I need to be not tired.
But I really don't want to catch my z's.
Don't ask me why...because I don't know.
I just don't.
The end.
P.S. Sometimes, when you don't want to go to sleep, you get really bored.


Ahead of Schedule

This week, I have a paper due, 4 tests, and a presentation.
I've been stressing out about this week...since last week.
This weekend, I wrote down my schedule of what I had to get done on what days this week so that I would finish everything on time...3 times.
I woke up today and worked on homework for 4 1/2 hours.
But guess where that hard work got me?
Ahead of schedule.
It. Feels. Awesome.


Ladies, please.

Every summer, I have the worst luck finding a modest swimsuit...So I never get one.
I haven't gotten a new swimsuit in 5 years.
My last swimsuit was a Speed-O from Costco {this is my shout out to Hannah}.
This...is ridiculous.
This summer, I decided, would be the summer I would get a {long over-due} new swimsuit.
I've never once found a cute modest swimsuit in a store in summers past.
So this time, I skipped that step.
Thank goodness for the internet.
These...are the sites I found that were actually legit.
Enjoy :)

This is my most favorite one, and since I found it first, I have dibs :)

But don't worry, this site has TONS of cute swimsuits.

Cute one pieces too!!

Not many super cute ones on this site, but still a few.

I love the way this one ties in the back.

And the pink.

I. Love. Pink.

Again, there weren't TOO many on this site...Only about a handful.

I like the bold bright print of this one.

Super fun.

I would switch out the brown polka dot bottoms with solid brown.
What I really like about this site was that their tops come low and their bottoms come high, so you're guaranteed coverage :)
This is my second favorite.

Down East Basics

DEB, the good ol' stand by.

This one...I didn't like on first. But alas, it grew on me. And now I'm in love.

In love enough to call it my third favorite.


I like the zebra....a little sas, no?

Diviine ModesTee

Loving the light teal. And the square halter deal.

And so, the swimsuit ordeal is no ordeal this summer.

Hopefully, if you've found yourself in the same swimsuit boat I've been in for the past 5 plus years, these wonderful websites will help!!


Crooked Pinkies & Speed Cameras

The following is a little taste of tonight's adventures...
I walked in the door and Kelcie tells me that I should take her to the scrapbook store. Awesome. So we went...to the scrapbook store. I went in and out of that place...And. Bought. Nothing. Thank you, thank you. I know, it's a miracle. A once-in-a-lifetime miracle. Seriously.
Then, I went with my aunt to the mall. The purpose of our trip was to get Baby Elizabeth's {aunt's baby, my cousin} ears pierced. My heart broke when we got there because I realized that she was probably going to cry. Dang it. And she did. But only for like 10 seconds. Serioulsy. She rocked.
After the ear piercing, I voted that we should swing by the Cheesecake Factory that happened to be right there and try some of this red velvet cheesecake that I've heard SO much goodness about. Let me just tell you...Red velvet cheesecake is the business. I'm all about it. I mean, combining cheesecake and red velvet cake?? GENIUS. It is...to die for. Please go and try it. And take me with you.
While at Cheesecake Factory, my other cousin, Jacob, who is 4, was seriously out of control. He's pretty funny though. For instance, we're sitting there eating and out of nowhere Jake throws up his pinkies and yells, "Look at my crooked pinkies!!" HILARIOUS. And they're full on crooked!! The most crooked fingers I've ever seen.
Example 2 of Jacob's hilariousness: He's being obnoxiously loud, as 4 year old boys are, and so I look at him and say, "Hey Jacob, let's play the quiet game" to which he yells, "What?! I can't hear you!!" I about died.
Then, I came home. Oh, and on my way a speed camera flashed me. Awesome. Are you kidding me?! Gah. Michael Rudd would probably die laughing right now because he's been flashed many a time.
Now, I'm going to take an online test to try to "get ahead" for next week. Ha.
Oh, and P.S. Don't go to the Cheesecake Factory on a Saturday night. That place is a zoo. Probably didn't help that it was some school's prom night, but it was hectic either way. And....the service was extremely slow times like a thousand.
How did you spend your Saturday night??


I Taste Summer

This morning I was on ASU's website because I had to take a test.
After I aced the said test, I was checking some stuff out on ASU's website.
I came across a schoolwide schedule of upcoming events...
I looked at April - not much going on.
Then...I saw it...
May. 4th.
Last day...of classes.
I knew the end was coming quick, but seeing the actual date kind of burned that idea into my mind.
One. Month.
I only have to go down to that campus 8 more times...
Today is a good day.


To Linton-Milano Music {aka Milano's}

I love my job.

I love the girls I work with.

I love the extremely difficult customers.

I love repricing music.

I love the layers of dust on the filing cabinets.

I love getting the Sweetcakes craving every day.

I love taking lessons payments.

I love calling "not it" when our "favorite" customers come in.

I love mailing music.

I love the jam-packed & intimidating composers section.

I love how we can go from angrily ranting about whatever to answering the phone angelicly in a
split second.

I love unpacking music.

I love getting new EZ Play issues & having to move everything.

I love the Saturdays that drag on and on and on. And on.

I love the one kid who is an amazing pianist that doesn't have a piano at home, so he comes &
plays in one of our studios for hours.

I love finding projects in the office so I can hear amazing pianist boy play.

I love that I get to see all the new music that comes out.

I love watching/spying on people downstairs.

I love closing.

I love singing obnoxiously when you think that only employees are in the store, only to turn
around & see that you have an audience of 1 or 2 customers.

I love finding books in my section that are 10 years older than I am.

I love retrieving the water bottles that get stuck in the dang vending machine.

I love leaving work & seeing people getting pictures taken by our music wall outside.

I love the extravagant decor in the hallway.

I love the students & parents that I've become friends with.

I love the little green golf cart men that have given me a dozen parking citations.

I love the way all of us LMM girls talk the same & use the same phrases & such.

I love the understock drawers that refuse to stay closed.

I love the aspiring musicians who grace everyone with their marvelous talents by obnoxiously blowing horns & saxophones & blaring amps. Bless their hearts.

I love the aspiring musicians who grace everyone with the marvelous talents & who actually know what they're doing.

I love the customers that sing while they look at songbooks.

I love knowing exactly what music people are looking for when they don't even know

I love the inside jokes that we LMM girls have.

I love the army of gnats or fruit flies or whatever the heck they are that have chosen to abode in our lovely working place.

I love running things across the street to the piano store.

I love the teachers & all their coolness.

Yes, I love my job.