Crooked Pinkies & Speed Cameras

The following is a little taste of tonight's adventures...
I walked in the door and Kelcie tells me that I should take her to the scrapbook store. Awesome. So we went...to the scrapbook store. I went in and out of that place...And. Bought. Nothing. Thank you, thank you. I know, it's a miracle. A once-in-a-lifetime miracle. Seriously.
Then, I went with my aunt to the mall. The purpose of our trip was to get Baby Elizabeth's {aunt's baby, my cousin} ears pierced. My heart broke when we got there because I realized that she was probably going to cry. Dang it. And she did. But only for like 10 seconds. Serioulsy. She rocked.
After the ear piercing, I voted that we should swing by the Cheesecake Factory that happened to be right there and try some of this red velvet cheesecake that I've heard SO much goodness about. Let me just tell you...Red velvet cheesecake is the business. I'm all about it. I mean, combining cheesecake and red velvet cake?? GENIUS. It is...to die for. Please go and try it. And take me with you.
While at Cheesecake Factory, my other cousin, Jacob, who is 4, was seriously out of control. He's pretty funny though. For instance, we're sitting there eating and out of nowhere Jake throws up his pinkies and yells, "Look at my crooked pinkies!!" HILARIOUS. And they're full on crooked!! The most crooked fingers I've ever seen.
Example 2 of Jacob's hilariousness: He's being obnoxiously loud, as 4 year old boys are, and so I look at him and say, "Hey Jacob, let's play the quiet game" to which he yells, "What?! I can't hear you!!" I about died.
Then, I came home. Oh, and on my way a speed camera flashed me. Awesome. Are you kidding me?! Gah. Michael Rudd would probably die laughing right now because he's been flashed many a time.
Now, I'm going to take an online test to try to "get ahead" for next week. Ha.
Oh, and P.S. Don't go to the Cheesecake Factory on a Saturday night. That place is a zoo. Probably didn't help that it was some school's prom night, but it was hectic either way. And....the service was extremely slow times like a thousand.
How did you spend your Saturday night??

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