Ladies, please.

Every summer, I have the worst luck finding a modest swimsuit...So I never get one.
I haven't gotten a new swimsuit in 5 years.
My last swimsuit was a Speed-O from Costco {this is my shout out to Hannah}.
This...is ridiculous.
This summer, I decided, would be the summer I would get a {long over-due} new swimsuit.
I've never once found a cute modest swimsuit in a store in summers past.
So this time, I skipped that step.
Thank goodness for the internet.
These...are the sites I found that were actually legit.
Enjoy :)

This is my most favorite one, and since I found it first, I have dibs :)

But don't worry, this site has TONS of cute swimsuits.

Cute one pieces too!!

Not many super cute ones on this site, but still a few.

I love the way this one ties in the back.

And the pink.

I. Love. Pink.

Again, there weren't TOO many on this site...Only about a handful.

I like the bold bright print of this one.

Super fun.

I would switch out the brown polka dot bottoms with solid brown.
What I really like about this site was that their tops come low and their bottoms come high, so you're guaranteed coverage :)
This is my second favorite.

Down East Basics

DEB, the good ol' stand by.

This one...I didn't like on first. But alas, it grew on me. And now I'm in love.

In love enough to call it my third favorite.


I like the zebra....a little sas, no?

Diviine ModesTee

Loving the light teal. And the square halter deal.

And so, the swimsuit ordeal is no ordeal this summer.

Hopefully, if you've found yourself in the same swimsuit boat I've been in for the past 5 plus years, these wonderful websites will help!!


  1. Funny I've been looking online for a new suit too because I'm sick of my boring black one-piece. And I've been eying that yellow flower one from DownEast...I'm just nervous about ordering clothing online. Let me know if you do order one and if you like it!

  2. I AM IN LOVE WITH THE DEB SUIT!!! They have the best swimsuits, I have a pink polka dot one from them, but I want a different one that my boobs won't pop out of... another difficulty when searching for a swimsuit. :( I also love the bold flowery one. :))


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