It's Today!!!

My feelings exactly :)

awkward and awesome thursday

Men who try on dresses at DI...and then purchase them. Excuse me while I stare.

Wind + Hair. One day I'm going to shave it off.

Having a hole cut out of your shirt (on accident, don't worry) in the most awkward and inappropriate place possible. Thank you, Whitney ;)

Walking into a motorcycle shop with a huge yellow Easter basket filled with chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. Would you macho men like this cutesy basket??

Getting your hair caught in a door as you're walking through, carrying a bunch of boxes, and suddenly not being able to go any further and  screaming, "My hair is stuck! My hair is stuck!" Thank goodness for the complete stranger of a gentleman behind me, who so graciously helped get me unstuck. Thanks for gently maneuvering my hair out of that blasted door. It's not going to bite you, I promise. 

St. George thrift stores.

Vaseline. I like to call it my Vaseline routine. Soft lips = necessary.

Chuck-a-rama. Mashed potatoes and monkey bread. YUM.

Celeste and I belching (yes, out loud) (yes, we're ladylike) at the same exact moment. Sometimes our same brain-wave-ness amazes me.

Today. TODAY. TODAY!!! What?!

Social work test that took 4 minutes and 2 seconds to complete. Thanks, teach, for giving us who actually go to class the answers. Score!

General Conference. Precious, precious gems.

Cookies on Mill. Addicted.

Officially having 100 pairs of shoes.  Yes, folks, it happened. And now on to breaking 200...