the $10 shoe store {yes, you read that right}

***Disclaimer: This post is informative in nature. The author does not assume responsibility for any damage done after viewing the content herein, whether it be to the bank account of the reader or in relationships with anyone of the husband type.***

And yes, that disclaimer is going to be needed. Again.

Let me let you in on a sweet little secret of mine which I refer to as the $10 shoe store. I have bad habit of nonchalantly mentioning this place, but not giving any further detail...It's time I share the wealth. Which there may be none of as soon as you hear about this place...

MRudd came over as I was screen-shotting this image from their website, as soon after realizing what I was looking at, got a worried look on his face. I quickly relieved him by saying, "Don't worry, I'm not shopping, just screen-shotting so I can share my secret." He then let out a big sigh of relief and walked away only after I exited out of that window. See what I mean by the necessity of having that disclaimer??

Anyway. I'm going to give you a few facts about this place, and that's all you need to know.
  • Wholesale Fashion Shoes. It's in Phoenix. 4041 E. Thomas Rd. to be exact. And yes, that is one of the few addresses I have memorized.
  • Every pair of shoes is $10.88. They carry all sorts of boots (in their very own boot room, might I add), too, but those aren't always $10.88. The most expensive pair of boots I've ever seen was $24.88.
  • They get new inventory every week. Every. Single. Week. Ladies. (I'm hearing, "Danger up ahead" from the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland going off in my head right now).
  • You can sign up for their weekly email in the store. The email comes on Wednesday (sometimes Tuesday night!). Highlight of the week, people. Not even joking. Definitely recommend that...just sayin...I've been known to literally gasp out loud, "The shoe email!" when it shows up in my inbox. It's like Christmas. On a weekly basis. And what's not to love about that?
  • They say the put their new inventory out on Wednesday, therefore Wednesdays are madness down there. However, they actually put it out on Monday. So Monday is the day to go. But that little tidbit is ONLY between you and me. No telling that one, mkay? :D
  • The music they choose to play is awful, definitely my least favorite part of the whole experience. Too much for my innocent soft virgin ears. I've learned to tune it out, though, but you should still be warned anyway!
  • The workers are a bunch of young kids that like to goof off and flirt with one another, but they are very helpful and super nice. I utilize them as much as I can or need to, because you know, sometimes you don't want to hunch over and dig through stacks of boxes to find your size all the while trying to keep your bag from falling off your shoulder and not take up the entire (small) aisle and you need someone to help you out a little. Or you can't reach that top shelf for the life of you because you're just too dang short and you need the super tall kid to do it for you. Or you can't seem to carry four yes boxes around and try on other shoes at the same time and you need the girl at the front to hold your treasures for you til you're done combing over the store once. Or twice. Or three times. Just to make sure you didn't miss anything, you know? I know. Use the workers. They make the shopping experience much better and can save you quite a bit of time! And sore armage.
  • These shoes aren't crappy shoes! I have found Steve Maddens there (not too often, but a few different times!), Forever 21 shoes, Soda brand, and lots of others that department stores in the mall carry. I've purchased a few pairs at WFS that I later saw another store (Kohl's, JCP, Rainbow) for $25-$30. Holler. This isn't to say I've had some shoes fall apart on me. My summer sandals that I bought last summer are starting to break at the end of this summer. But hello! I've worn the life out of those suckers! So that's to be expected. No other complaints from me though!
  • They're ahead of the trends and have tons to choose from, but sometimes (raretimes) it's hit and miss. I've walked out of there a few times with (literally, and I'm pretty sure this is my record) seven new pairs (shoe addict anyone??) and other times (seldomtimes) walked out with nothing.
  • They have all types of shoes. Flats, sandals, wedges, heels, boots, tennies, everything! And you're going to see some super weird pairs from time to time too.
  • They also carry handbags, wallets, and jewelry. I just go for the shoes.
And that, ladies, is all I think you need to know. It's worth the drive, the crappy music, the sometimes crowds, and the high school employees because $10 shoes?? Who can pass that up?!