I Taste Summer

This morning I was on ASU's website because I had to take a test.
After I aced the said test, I was checking some stuff out on ASU's website.
I came across a schoolwide schedule of upcoming events...
I looked at April - not much going on.
Then...I saw it...
May. 4th.
Last day...of classes.
I knew the end was coming quick, but seeing the actual date kind of burned that idea into my mind.
One. Month.
I only have to go down to that campus 8 more times...
Today is a good day.


  1. WOOOHOOOOO! Then what are you gonna do during the summer?

    To answer your question, I got the background from hotbliggityblog.... i think. and the Easter thing I made. Now that it's not Easter anymore... I gotta make a new one. :( But I might keep it for this month because it's springyish.

    P.S. let's take a sprinkles run sometime this week! If we get our car in time, I'll drive... if not you might have to. haha. But either way, the cupcake is still on me!

  2. oh... and if you wanna come over to my house sometime... I'll make you a header like my Easter one, then you'll know how. Just text me. :)

  3. I am so excited!!!! It's almost over :D


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