To Linton-Milano Music {aka Milano's}

I love my job.

I love the girls I work with.

I love the extremely difficult customers.

I love repricing music.

I love the layers of dust on the filing cabinets.

I love getting the Sweetcakes craving every day.
I love taking lessons payments.
I love calling "not it" when our "favorite" customers come in.
I love mailing music.

I love the jam-packed & intimidating composers section.
I love how we can go from angrily ranting about whatever to answering the phone angelicly in a split second.
I love unpacking music.
I love getting new EZ Play issues & having to move everything.
I love the Saturdays that drag on and on and on. And on.
I love the one kid who is an amazing pianist that doesn't have a piano at home, so he comes & plays in one of our studios for hours.
I love finding projects in the office so I can hear amazing pianist boy play.
I love that I get to see all the new music that comes out.
I love watching/spying on people downstairs.
I love closing.
I love singing obnoxiously when you think that only employees are in the store, only to turn around & see that you have an audience of 1 or 2 customers.
I love finding books in my section that are 10 years older than I am.
I love retrieving the water bottles that get stuck in the dang vending machine.
I love leaving work & seeing people getting pictures taken by our music wall outside.
I love the extravagant decor in the hallway.
I love the students & parents that I've become friends with.
I love the little green golf cart men that have given me a dozen parking citations.
I love the way all of us LMM girls talk the same & use the same phrases & such.
I love the understock drawers that refuse to stay closed.
I love the aspiring musicians who grace everyone with their marvelous talents by obnoxiously blowing horns & saxophones & blaring amps. Bless their hearts.
I love the aspiring musicians who grace everyone with the marvelous talents & who actually know what they're doing.
I love the customers that sing while they look at songbooks.
I love knowing exactly what music people are looking for when they don't even know themselves.
I love the inside jokes that we LMM girls have.
I love the army of gnats or fruit flies or whatever the heck they are that have chosen to abode in our lovely working place.
I love running things across the street to the piano store.
I love the teachers & all their coolness.
Yes, I love my job.

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