Hello?? It's NOVEMBER!!!

Um hi.
It's November.
In case anyone wasn't aware.
You know what the problem is with this November?
It's 94˚!!
Um excuse me.
But 94˚ is NOT fall weather.
It makes me somewhat angry.
Because I have a super cute jacket and super cute scarves.
And guess what?
I can't wear them.
Because it's 94˚.
In November.


  1. I know!! It's so sad :( We should file a complaint with the State of Arizona

  2. Indeed this is ridiculous. I was ready to bust out my Christmas music this week, but it feels sinful to do it while the sun is beating down on us. Poop.

  3. No Doubt! Last Wednesday we had that freak "Arctic Blast" and it was 64, this Wednesday 94--ABSURD! I am OVER it! On my day off I took Kaden to the park...yep we were all sweaty....you know I really don't like to be sweaty unless I am working out- so unfair!

  4. I love that weather! Ninety degrees = :)

  5. Dear Kymber,
    I miss you and your blog. You need to post something. It would make me happy.
    Love Annie


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