I am grateful for my bed.

Usually when I come home at night, I go through the back door, which is usually unlocked unless it's late-er. Well. Friday night when I got home, the back door...was locked. And of course, I didn't have my keys with me because my car was in the shop, so why did I need my keys, right? Yeah I didn't even think about taking them with me on my night's endeavor's {aka bead party with Haley Stew and friends}. So. Plan B was to go through the garage {where the spare key is}, which I really didn't want to do for fear of waking the whole house up. At this point, I was out of options {or so I thought}, so I reluctantly punched in the garage code, crouched under as soon as I could, and bolted to the button thing to close it again so that the noise would last as not long as possible. I go to get the spare key, and guess what's not there? Yeah. No spare key. Go figure. So. I knocked on the door for a good long time, hoping someone would hear me {even though everyone upstairs sleeps on the other side of the house}. Ten minutes later, no one has heard me yet and my knuckles {that's a weird word} are starting to hurt. So...me and my locked-out-of-my-house self have no idea what to do. The ONLY thing I could think of to do was to just sleep in the garage. I looked around and found one of our old couch pillows, 3 baby blankets, 2 towels, and 2 sweatshirts, with which I made a "bed."

And that's how I slept. I kept thinking as I laid there trying to fall asleep about 1) how I wished I had a couch in my garage like Bonnie Leman, and 2) how grateful I was for my real blanket and my real pillows and my real bed. And for not-motion-censored-lights. I swear I woke up at least ten times because every time I moved, the light would turn on!! Anyway. It was cold, I was exhausted all day at work the next day, and the side of my leg is bruised from laying on my side on the concrete for so long. But hey, I guess it makes for a good story.


  1. I loved this it made me laugh really hard. Oh my goodness, I love you. It reminded me of a time my cousin, Georgia, lived with us and she got locked out too. She came home really late and had left her keys inside. So she slept outside on a floatie thing by my pool. What made it really funny though was my dad came home from work at four in the morning, saw her outside, and went to sleep anyway without letting her in! ha ha. and then she saw me half sleep-walking to get a midnight glass of chocolate milk and fall asleep on the couch. (apparently i used to do that every night). anyway, why do i tell you this? because i think it's funny, also you are not alone in your lockedoutness. i have many more stories i could tell.

    ps. thanks for your comments on my blog, i love them.

    pps. i am coming home oct. 30 - nov 4. for halloween and my birthday. we should hang out.

    love you!


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