Things that I love...

  1. roller coasters {I'm craving them pretty bad}
  2. Biggest Loser parties {They are the BEST}
  3. cute hair accessories {Too bad my collection is now significantly...depleted}
  4. cold minty breath {like right after you brush your teeth}
  5. road trips {especially to California}
  6. Owl City {Please love them with me}
  7. caramel {caramel anything...yum}
  8. piano {yeah kind of a big thing}
  9. Nissan Tital 4 doors {love love love them}
  10. Hollywood Tower of Terror {gah...right up there with roller coasters}
  11. making jewelry {with the one and only Lauren of course}
  12. driving with my windows down {especiallly just after it's rained}
  13. fall {when it feels like fall}
  14. new jeans {especially the clearance but still super cute kind}
  15. things that sparkle {everything that sparkles}
  16. shoes {they're kind of like a drug}
  17. blog stalking {yeah...I do it}
  18. broccoli {delicious delicious}
  19. hayrides {coupled with caroling}
  20. Pride & Prejudice {I made this list before our conversation, C & B}
  21. conference issues of the Ensign {please read "That Your Burdens May Be Light" from the latest issue}
  22. my owl keychain {gracias Old Navy}
  23. Polly my Pink PC {thank you Zoe for the name}
  24. Subway {I love me some chicken bacon ranch}
  25. pink {so what if I'm girly}
  26. my bed {warm and comfy...me gusta}
  27. quotes {please share any good ones}
  28. scarves {even though I'm kind of retarded at wearing them}
  29. my owl necklace {goes with pretty much everything}
  30. strawberry lemonade {mmm mmm mmm}
  31. little little babies {so sweet}
  32. clouds {if only we could have them every day}
  33. bubble gum {but not the sugarless kind}
  34. pedicures {being pampered is excellent}
  35. card games {hand and foot with the Rudd's and Skip Bo baby}
  36. flowers {smell yummy and look pretty...hey, they're like girls!}
  37. chocolate covered strawberries {mouth. is. watering.}
  38. soft tissues {that don't make your nose raw}
  39. Saturdays at Milano's {probably the best day of work ever...love you Linton-Milano girls!}
  40. the beach {my heart longs for California}
  41. the gospel {duh}
  42. asparagus {ask me about the side effects...nonetheless, delicious}
  43. taking pictures {and having pictures taken...actually no. just the final product part}
  44. french silk pie {good ol' Village Inn}
  45. Christmas music {it's almost time!!}
  46. fake nails {dear DoeDoe...}
  47. homemade tamales {heavenly...I wish I was Mexicano for this reason}
  48. no school {3 weeks left}
  49. boutiques {so fun!!}
  50. my Cricut {my craft sidekick}


  1. I agree. Owl City is AMAZING!!! And so is Pride and Prejudice, but only the 5 hour one!

  2. I pretty much like all those things. except broccoli and fake nails. and i love the 2005 pride and prejudice. you are so awesome. i love you!

  3. Asparagus makes your pee smell.

    Now that's a side effect.

  4. I made the top 15!!!! I love you!!! ...and I love making jewelry with you. You are so talented.


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