Right now my feelings are torn...kind of.

Last Thursday, I didn't have to be at school til 3:00, so I decided to play with Spencer.
We wanted to go to Seagull Book, so we did. Well. Spencer saw the temple on our way there and was all cute-like and said, "Kymbalee, I wanna go to da tempool."
It was the most precious thing ever.
So we went.

Yeah he's cute. But you know what's not so cute? When he decided to take all my flowers that I wear in my hair...and flush the down the toilet. Yeah. Not cute. Too bad it's next to impossible to be mad at him because he's so stinkin' cute. Curse you cuteness. But I mean, I guess it's alright.


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  1. Little brothers make life worth living!! Especially when they are like 2 or 3. But they also make life hard to live.


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