ten things tuesday

1. I hadn’t bought (or as my sweet Michael Rudd would say, “I hadn’t ‘boughten’”) a new swimsuit in five years because of a certain, um, situation (read: my big freaking boobs) until this weekend when Lime Ricki had an awesome Labor Day sale. I had just pinned a bunch of their tankini tops last week and decided this sale was the perfect opportunity to try my chances at finding a swimsuit that I don’t fall out of. Hoping they’ll actually work!

2. I crave salty and sweet things at the same time. I rarely crave them separately.

3. I often wake up with my silky soft fleece $10 blanket from Costco wrapped around my head slash face but never covering anything else. Obviously, it’s one of those blankets you just have to rub your face all over because of it’s killer softness.

4. The hardest decisions I ever have to make are what to eat. Breakfast is easy, I just have a cup of chocolate milk. But lunch and dinner? It’s like I forget what kinds of food exist and can come up with absolutely nothing. Michael Rudd kind of hates me for this sometimes. Or a lot of times.

5. I am horrible at returning phone calls. Like, I avoid it. Confrontational problems maybe??

6. I also hate listening to voicemails. I will let a voicemail sit in my inbox for days, even (and especially) if it’s from a number I don’t recognize.

7. My Aunt DoeDoe (Angel is her real name, btw) is one of my best friends. She knows how to put every feeling out there into words, and she is the best and understanding all sides of every situation. Basically, she’s my go-to and built-in therapist and I love her like crazy.

8. Speaking of best friends, the grandma of my best friend, Celeste, was best friends with my grandma. And no, our grandmas didn’t introduce us to one another. That story is one I should share. Soon.

9. I love popping zits. Love. It. My siblings ask when the next time I’m going to come over is because they need a fatty zit popped. It happens.

10. I love sitting in front of my bathroom mirror and turning the light on and off so I can watch my eyes dilate back and forth. Fascinating. Really.

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