ten things tuesday

  1. I hate doing my hair. Like, my routine every day is this: Shower. Shampoo and condition hair. Run a pick through it. Define part. Air dry. I hate spending time on it. I just do!
  2. I love typing. I am super fast at it and can put most typers to shame. Srsly.
  3. I keep a box of milk chocolate vanilla buttercreams from See’s in my desk at work. I also keep a box at home. They are the best candies ever, the only thing from See’s that I like, and are quite simply divine. Try one. Your life will be changed.
  4. In 7th grade, my best friend and I decided one day after school that we were going to pluck our eyebrows that night. I didn’t know there were any correct techniques for eyebrow plucking and just went for it, tweezing from the top until I thought I had a good shape (there was no YouTube yet, okay?). Little did I know (until the next morning when best friend got on the school bus with awesome eyebrows), you’re supposed to tweeze from the bottom. I was mortified and had awful eyebrows for the next like five years.
  5. Speaking of awkward teenage looks, I have never had braces. However, I have always wanted braces. We have AWESOME benefits through MRudd’s job, so we plan on me getting braces by the end of the year. And my lifetime dream will be fulfilled.
  6. I recently discovered that me and MRudd’s anniversary (7/13) is the vault number at Gringott’s that the Sorcerer’s Stone was kept in. Seriously, how on earth have I not made this connection before? Basically, now MRudd and I feel freaking awesome because we love HP so stinking much and our anniversary has something to do with it. Basically, we’re the coolest kids on the block. Just sayin.
  7. I live for 5:00. Srsly.
  8. I don’t really enjoy meat. The pioneer trek scarred me for life when it comes to eating chicken, I hate pork and seafood, and red meat cannot be red...or have the slightest bit of pink. Sometimes I can stomach meat, but most days, no thank you.
  9. I may or may not have to turn my wedding ring around when I’m in the temple because I get way too distracted. The lights in there make it sparkle real nice, what can I say??
  10. I love going on trips. Anywhere and everywhere. Too bad MRudd would rather stay at home!

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