ten things tuesday

1. I am a complusive list maker. And I dream (seriously folks) about getting things on my list(s) done. You should see my desk. And my purse. And my phone. And my Kindle. And my fridge. And the inside of my head for that matter. I even make lists of lists to make. Lists on lists on lists on lists. Srsly.

2. I hate the word peek. Like “take a peek.” Hate it. Peep isn’t much better.

3. i get super cold super easy. I keep a sweater in my car and at work. And I sleep with our huge duvet year round….In addition to my flat sheet. Michael Rudd on the other hand...We have three fans in our bedroom and that boy still overheats!

4. I change my phone case as often as I go to church, meaning it’s a weekly thing. Right now I’m sporting a hot pink floral number.

5. I go garage saling every Saturday morning. I also have two McDonald’s hash browns and a large Dr. Pepper for breakfast every Saturday morning. And I don’t even feel bad about it.

6. I love love love chocolate milk. Like, addiction status. I have at least two cups a day, but most days there’s three. One in the morning with (sometimes for) breakfast, one when I get home, and one just before brushing my teeth and climbing into bed. Oh, and Nesquick powder all the way. None of this syrup or pre-made business.

7. I forget my leftover lunch slash all other food at work like every day. It’s a problem. Sometimes a moldy one. Gross.

8. I am the world’s pickiest eater. And if I’m not the pickiest, I’m definitely in the top five. Just ask my poor husband. This chick doesn’t like anything.

9. When MRudd was on his mission, we sent a bucket list back and forth. It has things like “Go to Harry Potter World” and “Ride in a hot air balloon” written on it. We need to revisit that little gem and cross some things off!

10. Before graduating from ASU, I would get asked “So what are you going to do once you graduate??” My response, every time, was “I’m going to watch TV.” And I was serious! I had watched next to zero TV that entire four years (with the exception of Biggest Loser) and I was ready for some down time away from textbooks and writing papers. MRudd was (and is) thrilled. The kid loves shows and movies. Since graduation, we have watched all four seasons of Community (hilarious, btw) and Whodunnit. Last night, I watched my very first episode of Friends. If MRudd was thrilled before, he’s even more thrilled now. He loves that show so much that he owns all ten seasons on DVD. I, on the other hand, had never before seen an episode. Here goes nothin...Ten seasons of nothin...

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