ten things tuesday

1. I hate cold water. Except when brushing my teeth. Cold water is the only way to go for that activity. Give me something warmer for drinking, swimming, showering, washing my hands, etc.

2. I recently discovered instant jello and it’s one-ingredient-five-minutes-to-make awesomeness. I recommend oreo and vanilla flavors. Holy freak delicious.

3. A while back, we upgraded our queen size bed for a king. We’ve picked out our bedding (this fancy little number) and everything, but I have yet to purchase it because bedding is hecka expensive! I mean you got the sheets and the duvet insert thing and the duvet cover...Sheesh! I think it’s bugging MRudd a tad...He confronted me on Sunday with a, “So like have you ordered our bedding yet?” No, Michael Rudd, I have not. $$$$$$$

4. I teach piano. I love teaching piano. I know...You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, along with the 500 other young Mormon women who live within a mile of you!” So what if lots of people teach. It’s fun, it’s using my talents, it’s rewarding, it’s lucrative, it’s a side job that doesn’t require obnoxious amounts of time...I say whoever decides to teach piano, or anything they’re good at for that matter, is pretty dang smart! I’ve taught for eight years. The least amount of students I’ve ever had was four (when I first started) and the most students I ever had at one time was 18 (my senior year of high school). It was awesome, but obviously, I didn’t have that kind of time available my first year of college. No way Jose. Right now I’ve got 15! Super fun.

5. I love Sudoku. A couple weekends ago, we planned a date night with our bmfs that revolved around my need for a book full of sudoku puzzles. I went for one. I walked out with four. And a book about Disneyland, because hello, I need that in my life. Srsly.

6. Yesterday, whilst flipping through the radio stations on my way to work, I definitely chose One Direction over Taylor Swift. I’m a die hard T-Swift fan (leave 20 minutes early the morning her newest album is released so that I can buy it from Target (deluxe edition, hello?!) on my way to work even though I won’t even have time to listen to it until after work), but what can I say? Sometimes One Direction just has that one thing. And sometimes that one thing is just a tad more than T-Swift can offer. It happens.

7. Most people hate cleaning out the holes where their wisdom teeth used to be in the weeks post wisdom teeth removal, but I love it. Not even going to lie, it irritates me when nothing comes out and I get super excited when I do get a little something to flush out of there. Gross, maybe, but to each his own, okay? So...cool.

8. I love Harry Potter. No, I am obsessed with Harry Potter. I even took (and got an A in, mind you) a Harry Potter class at ASU that counted toward my degree. Srsly. And it was bomb. MRudd has this game on his phone called Heads Up Charades! (think mix between charades and Catch Phrase). They recently updated with a Harry Potter category. If you want to see something impressive, watch me blow those HP questions out of the water. But seriously. And this morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, the HP theme song started playing in my head. So that was awesome.

9. Almost every single piece of furniture in our house was thrifted in some way, shape, or form. We came to this realization last night. Glad my husband’s okay with that one...

10. It took me all day to come up with this list. Apparently I should get to know myself some more.

Please note: Although this post is entitles "Ten Things Tuesday," don't expect one of these bad boys every Tuesday. But coming up with this list was fun, so we'll see where it goes.

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