ten things tuesday

1. I crave Costco’s combo pizza like ALL the time. I love it. Also, their polish dogs and hot dogs give people the nastiest breath that literally makes me sick to my stomach sick sick sick.

2. Speaking of cravings, I also crave Disneyland. Didn’t know that was possible? Well it is. And it happens to me like every couple of months. Good thing I’ve got myself an annual pass thanks to my one and only Michael Rudd! It’s like he knows me.

3. I hate blow drying my hair. And I rarely do because my hair is pin straight and needs nothing but a pick run through it after my shower in the morning. Air drying it is! Just another reason why I hate the winter...Because it’s too cold outside for me to leave the house with wet hair! Lame.

4. This weekend, I started reading Harry Potter again. I stinking love those books. Here’s to round 7! 8? 9? 10 points for Gryffindor.

5. Subway is my go-to. I have gotten the same thing almost every time I go since I was 10. Chick bacon ranch on white with provolone, toasted. Lettuce, tomato, lots of black olives and LOTs of ranch. I gross the sandwich makers out every single time with how much ranch I want on that thing. But it is go-od, so who even cares.

6. I have been to many a concert in my time, but I have never danced at one. Until last week when MRudd took me to see Rascal Flatts. And it was there, under that hot Arizona sky that I danced at a concert like I’ve never danced before. Or for the first time in the history of my concert-going ever. Same thing. Rascal Flatts was the best concert I’ve ever been to, by the way.

7. At one time in my life, I had acrylics for like two straight years. My Aunt DoeDoe did them for me for free.99 and so why not?! And then she moved to Sahuarita aka two lame hours away and thus ended my fake nail wearing days. Then, a couple weekends ago, my bmf Kylee was telling me about this semi-ghetto nail salon that she goes to that only charges $15 to do a set of acrylics. Yeah, I went the next day. Just for fun. Got myself fake nailified. Mhmm. Anyway, these things are driving me straight up the wall crazy. I can’t type. I can’t play the piano. I can’t pop zits. I’m having a hard time remembering why I ever loved these things. Oh wait, because they’re fun and fancy and all pretty and what not. Plus, they’re great head slash back scratchers. Basically, I want to rip them off.

8. I have what MRudd calls my crazy cleaning mood. Basically, I go nuts and clean everything all at one time. We’re talking more than just routine cleaning such as sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning the bathroom, etc. which all gets done on a regular basis anyway...We’re talking taking apart floor fans and wiping down every inch of them, scrubbing down baseboards, cupboards, and doors, re-organizing cupboards and drawers and closets…It happens every couple of months. I think it’s great, MRudd thinks it’s torture and hopes he’s never around when this mood comes on so that he doesn’t have to participate. Bless his heart.

9. I work as a PI paralegal, which means I’m thinking about car accidents all day every day. Consequently, I secretly have a really hard time with just about everyone’s driving, even my own, but especially if I’m a passenger in someone else’s car. Straight up fear that I’m/we’re going to get in an accident at any second due to a whole number of reasons. I don’t let my stress and worry and panic and anxiety be known to anyone who is driving….unless it’s MRudd. Again, I say bless his heart. Poor boy thinks I think he’s an awful driver. Now, while he does not have a particularly clean record (ask him about that one time he flipped a car...on his mission…), this is not the case and I do trust his driving. Even if it does give me an occasional panic attack of life-flashing-before-my-eyes kind of an experience.

10. I really really really want to learn blog design stuff, so if any of you lovelies are in the know-how in this area and would be so kind to help a lady out...I would basically love you forever and owe you I don’t know, something real good. Please?

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  1. Haha, I keep my Costco card even though it expired years ago so that I can sneak in and eat the pizza!


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