My heart longs for Utah

I have this new obsession called Utah.
I had been once in my entire life, and after next weekend, I will have been up three times in the past six months. I can't get enough of it!
I went up with my family for General Conference in April.

Then, Celeste and I took a trip in July.
This Thursday, Celeste and I are escaping up to our beloved Utah yet again. Meeting up with friends, hanging out at temple square, conference, ladies night at Deseret Book in Utah where famous people (in the LDS world at least) go. Yeah. Can't wait!!

And now I must get back to the mountain of homework I have to get done before escaping to my other mountains....hasta!

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  1. Come visit! You could probably stay with me in my room for a couple of days if you have nowhere to go!! :D


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