awkward and awesome thursday


  • Trying to be wonder woman and carry/lift a super heavy box to/into my car by myself. In public. I know I'm not walking anywhere near straight, but I am perfectly capable of driving this vehicle.
  • Seven of us (us meaning members of my family) crowded around the same foot long tank full of little crabs and little fish in Walmart for 45 minutes straight. Five of us are no longer in elementary school. 
  • Climbing into bed, getting all situated with pillows, blanket, and Kindle for some spider solitaire and finding myself short of breath. Someone needs to get her workout on.
  • The place some minds went after reading above bullet.
  • When husband walks in from work and finds me with all the lights off, all the curtains drawn, and all the fans on because it's too hot any other way.

  • Getting ready for bed on a day when getting ready in the morning didn't make it past a shower. No make up to take off is a really good feeling.
  • The third eye giant zit in the middle of my forehead that wouldn't pop from last week that miraculously went away all on it's own sans popping.
  •  Cold showers after running errands and cleaning house all day.
  • When the people you follow on Pinterest are pinteresting at the same time you are. Constant flow of fresh pins.
  • The fact that I'm taking a Harry Potter class this next semester. And I'm a senior in college. That's what's up.

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  1. Super cute blog! Hope the homemaking and everything is going well! :)


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