things i love - july

  •  The ocean. I don’t like to swim in it, but cruising on it is highly recommended by yours truly. Wonder and amazement right here.
  • The temple. Pretty sure this one gets better the more you go. It’s been killing me that the temple has been closed since we’ve been home. So glad it re-opens today!
  • These sheets. Uh-mazing. Seriously, the softest things ever. Get them. And the pillowcases.
  • Gift cards. We got a bazillion of these things for our wedding, and they have seriously been the bomb.com.
  • Mormon messages. We’ve been watching a lot of these lately and the spirit they bring is super sweet. I have yet to find one that doesn’t make me cry.
  • Karaoke, mainly for the people watching.
  • This brow pencil. I have always been curious as to how these things work because I don’t particularly like my eyebrows and think they could use a lot of help. Got my makeup done at MAC for our bridal shoot, chick used this pencil, sold. Makes such a huge difference, but still natural looking! Love it!
  • Laundry. I have been blessed thus far with someone that does my laundry for me, i.e. my mamasita (whose favorite chore is laundry) and BFF Celeste (who tried for a year to teach me). You’re in shock right now, I know. I don’t care. Since becoming a wifey I have taken on the demons called Washer and Dryer. And I have found that I rather enjoy doing it.
  • Groupons + Living Social Deals. They have some good stuff. I would suggest you sign up for their emails here and here.
  • Hotels. I stayed in five different hotels this month. Five, people. That’s got to be some kind of record. Best part of staying in a hotel: Someone else cleans your room for you. In some hotels, twice a day.
  • Maxi dresses. I wear them almost every day. I think this means I need more!! ;) So comfy, so cute.
  • Spider solitaire. MRudd and I would play this on the cruise while waiting for shows to start. Didn’t take long for it to become an add-ic-tion.
  • Staples OptiFlow pen. Best pen ever. I have an internal meltdown every time I forget it somewhere. One time I forgot it in Tucson, and it was awful.
  • Our shower curtain. It makes me so dang happy. Isn’t it happy?
  • Jack in the Box’s Oreo shake. Another addiction. A bad one. But oh so good.
  • The Olympics. I love me some competition.
  • Oh, and my husband. I have one of those now. Awesome! He's the best!

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  1. Using a brow pencil seriously changed my life!

    Maxi dresses are awesome! Especially when you have a toddler to chase around and pick up after. Dress + not worrying about showing your g's when you bend over = the best!

    I LOVE Groupon and Living Social. Also GroopDealz. That one is more crafty stuff. SO CUTE!

    And I HATE laundry. My family suffers for that. Haha


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