awkward and awesome thursday

  • The third eye giant zit in the middle of my forehead that won’t pop dang it.
  • Not being able to keep eyes open during photo shoots because of that Arizona sun
  • Crying two nights in a row while watching karaoke versions of songs like “Carwash.” And no, these were not laughter tears. Real tears, guys. Real tears.
  • Asian lady fascinated by my fixing up a baked potato from the buffet. Excuse me, lady. I’d appreciate it if you’d move your head from between my food and my face. Personal space anyone??
  • Having my mom help me clean up and put together our little newlywed home.
  • Elevator door open. Ten people don’t move, but just stand there and stare at you. You stare back. Elevator door closes.
  • Hearing, “Honey, I’m home!” from the other room
  • The endless gifts and presents
  • Re-washing the same plastic spoon for an entire week because we have zero dishes
  • The hubs using an ice cream scoop as a substitute spoon for an entire week because we have zero dishes
  • Finding a hidden stash of paper plates, bowls, and utensils in our kitchen cupboard after  finally giving in and purchasing dishes
  • Flee market at Ensenada. Hit. It. Up.
  • Turning a war zone into a cozy little home in a day
  • Reeses Puffs. Minus the sicknast coating at the end.

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  1. Keep it coming girlfriend! I LIVE hearing about your new life!!!! And that 'Honey I'm home' comment made me sooooo happy for you! You guys are awesome!!!


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