I'm Kymber. My life consists of work, piano, trying to get a grip on this whole wifey thing, and my one and only Mr. Rudd. I make a lot of lists, buy a lot of shoes, drink a lot of Dr. Pepper, and always sing to the radio. I'm ridiculously competitive, sometimes too particular, and rather hard-headed. 

He's Michael Rudd, also known as MRudd or Rudd Baby. His life consists of work, school, and attempting to keep his wife (yours truly) from running around in circles. He watches a lot of movies, downloads a lot of music, knows a lot about baseball, and honks the horn a lot. He's super positive, pretty laid back, and a dang good cook.

Together, we Kymber and Michael Rudd, or the Mr. and Mrs.  Together we are silly, social, easily entertained, and home bodies. Together we play a lot of games, take a lot of pictures, do weekly word searches, and hang out in comfy clothes. Together, we are loving each other and our crazy life.

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