Mr. C turns 3!

M Rudd's nephew, Cayden, turned 3 today! That means I have been hangin around los Rudds for 3 whole years now. Holy. Smokes.
Dear Cayden, I have known you for basically all of your life. This is crazy to me. Thank you for being so good when I've babysat and for always making me laugh. Sometimes, I know I shouldn't laugh but you are so dang cute (not to mention smart) and I can't help it. Love you C!!
Love, Kymber
Here are some pictures from the night...The quality is horrible, I know. And yet, they are priceless.

Blast. I hate it when pictures upload in the opposite order you intended them to upload them in. Too bad I'm too tired to go and fix that! That's right...OCD Kymber is NOT caring. Boomshakalaka.
P.S. I think that C and I ROCK at taking pictures together. Really?!

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  1. Lol! I love the pics...(not the ones of me:) ) I don't know what his deal was with pics that day I have a ton that I need to post and they are all super silly. Thanks again for coming and taking pics!


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