And now the dirty work is done.

Dear (Elder) Andrew Walker,

Hi. Your most favorite person ever here. Remember that one time before you left on your mission when you thought it would be funny to get into my room and plaster pictures of yourself all over my walls? Remember how I never got you back for that? Well, Senor, you come home this week. And I have waited 2 years for some sweet revenge. I suppose I should have warned you before you left that I can play your game because chances are you aren't expecting any form of payback. Hate to break it to you dude, but you are so wrong. Hahahahaha.


P.S. Welcome home!


  1. Cute girl!! I didn't know about your darling little corner of the internet! Looks like I have a new blog to stalk!! Whooppee!! :)

    Also, I like this so so so so so much. Dude.

  2. NICE!!!! I hope you took pictures! I want to see how bad the damage is. AND I hope you somehow document the look on his face!


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