My Current Craving

I have been craving Olive Garden for 3 weeks now...

Their salad and breadsticks.....MMMM.....delicious. I could fill up on those and call it good. YUM.

And their lasagna.....My favorite. Too bad I couldn't find a mouth-watering picture. Just imagine it in your mind. I'm sure if you think about it long enough, you'll want Olive Garden too. And then we can go together. It will be great.

And now my mouth is watering.


  1. GIRL, let's go!! I've been bugging Chad about it for weeks but he doesn't really like it and now he's grounded. Long story... but I can tell you over a nice lunch or dinner at Olive Garden :)

  2. BAH!!! How did you read my mind? Creepy Kymber. I have been craving it too and we WERE going to go there TONIGHT but noooooooo my stupid paper is controlling my life and I've had to be home all day to write it and I still need time on it so we are in fact staying home. And not going to Olive Garden.

    The end.

    P.S. I am making you cookies for tomorrow. Don't wet your pants with excitement k?


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