Dang Mall Kiosks

Um hi.
The other day, I was walking Mills Mall with my aunt because she wanted to throw herself into labor...when we came across a tank full of adorable adorable cute cute cute...baby turtles...at a kiosk. So...I bought not only one...but two.
Say hello to Alfred and Hal.
{Al and Hal...after 2 of the main music publishers}
Fast forward 2 hours.
I remember that I don't like pets so much and I decide I no longer want Al and Hal.
Too bad all sales are final on baby turtles from mall kiosks.
Don't worry. I ended up giving Al and Hal to my prego aunt.
And now I'm out $40.
That's right.
I dropped 40 bones to walk around a mall for 2 hours with 2 cute little baby turtles.
Good one, Kymber.


  1. Seriously Kymber?? Thats the funniest thing I've heard in a LONG time :) That totally made my day!


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