Sorry, but this is all I got...

So...Tomorrow night I'm working a catering with los Rudd's.
It's an LDS mid-singles New Year's Eve party.
Basically, we will be working 8:00pm - 1:00am.
I'm not too good at staying up late...I think we all know that.
And besides...I'm already dog tired because yesterday I worked my booty off at work {this is my shout out to Katy} and then went and climbed a mountain and then went and walked the mall{stories and pictures to come}{hopefully}.
I topped all that off with a horrendously horrible night's sleep.
Seriously, I can't remember a night that I slept worse.
Oh wait. That one time I was locked out of my house and had to sleep in my garage.
Yep. That one wins.
So. I'm already super super tired. So I figured I could go to sleep early tongiht {at least compared to the new usual} and then maybe sleep in but probably not and then be all rested for tomorrow night. So I came home, got in my jammies, layed down in front of the tv {because a) that usually puts me to sleep really fast lateish at night and b) my brother is sleeping at my cousin's and my sister was asleep upstairs and there was NO WAY IN HECK I was sleeping in our basement alone...no. thank. you.}.
ANYWAY {take 2}
P.S. You know you've gone on a rambling rant when you have to go back to the top and re-read everything you've written. Story. of. my life.
So. I layed there. For two hours. Wide awake. Watching HGTV.
And then, I got bored.
So I devised a new strategy. Twenty minutes ago.
It is {drum roll please}...Stay up until 1:00 and then sleep in all I want {which still probably won't be much}{curse you internal alarm clock}. Then, I'll be used to it kind of and can do it all over tomorrow night at the catering!! I...am a genius.
That is my plan.
And that is why I'm blogging this late at night or whatever.
Because I have nothing else to do.
Hopefully...strategy #2 works.
The bad part is...my head hurts from lack of sleepage.
El. Fin.


  1. kymber kymber kymber! i'm making the directions very intricate for you. :P

    first go to my blog, i'm posting the image on the side bar right now.

    to use the avid blog stalker button, right click the image, click on "save as", and save it wherever it'll be easiest to find it, then go to your blogger dashboard, click on layout, add a new gadget, scroll down, click on picture, then upload your image from your computer. and you're good to go. eventually i'll make it easier.

    i made it damask so it'd match, and when you put it in your sidebar, it won't blend with the pink. :]

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I LOVE it!!!

  3. So my next question for you is how do you make an image in photoshop?

  4. haha. you just have to create a new image, using whatever size you want. then either fill with a pattern or drag and drop a pattern picture that you saved previously, then add text. and if you right click on the text and click on "blending options" or something like that, you can mess with the different things like shadow drop and stuff. :]

    there's also photoshop brushes that you can add.. like stamps..? and yeah. lol.

  5. How do you create the image in the first place? I can't figure it out. I'm retarded, I know.

    P.S. Thanks for your patience :)

  6. haha. go to file up in the left corner, click on new, then do whatever sizes you want, 72 resolution, then for background content, just do white. lol. and you're welcome.

    did you get my e-mail reply to your e-mail? not sure if it sent.


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