Answers to "You think you know me?"

1. If I could go anywhere in the world, where would I go?
[a] Spain
[b] England
[c] Italy
[d] Australia
Correct answer: [c] Italy. Rome, Venice...the works.
One day...
2. What is my favorite restaurant?
[a] Logan's Steakhouse
[b] Olive Garden
[c] Texas Roadhouse
[d] Outback
Correct answer: [b] Olive Garden. I love me some soup, salad, and breadsticks for $6.95.
Chicken gnochi...de-to-the-lish.

3. What is my dream vehicle?
[a] Chevy Yukon
[b] Toyota Tacoma
[c] Ford Expedition
[d] Nissan Titan
Correct answer: [d] Nissan Titan. Four door, dark silver, rims, and a pomegranite air freshener.

4. What is my favorite TV show?
[a] Biggest Loser
[b] Hannah Montana
[c] The Mentalist
[d] House Hunters
Correct answer: [a] Biggest Loser. I CAN NOT wait for the new season to start.
Hurry up dang it.

5. If I had $5,000, what would I buy?
[a] a trip to that place in the world I would go to
[b] shoes & clothes & things
[c] braces
[d] a new car
Correct answer: [c] braces. Totally would. I want them sooo bad.

6. Where do I want to study abroad?
[a] England
[b] Spain
[c] Mexico
[d] Ireland
Correct answer: [a] England. I want to go somewhere with history, but not where I'd have to use another language...Yes, I would rather be lazy and all touristlike instead of being hard core and immersing myself in Spanish.

7. What does my watch say?
[a] dream
[b] believe
[c] hope
[d] the time
Correct answer: [c] hope. Also my word of the year. Fo'rizzle.

8. What is my favorite scripture?
[a] Alma 37:37
[b] D&C 84:88
[c] Psalms 62:8
[d] All of the above
Correct answer: [d] All of the above. So go read them. Pronto.
You can thank me later.

9. What is my new favorite sandwich at Sweetcakes?
[a] the club
[b] BLT with avocado
[c] French dip
[d] peppered turkey
Correct answer: [c] French dip. Best. Sandwich. Ever. And it has to be one of the most expensive sandwiches on their menu dang it. I blame Leah for my addiction.
Delicious. But don't try it.
Cause you'll get hooked.
Consider yourself warned.

10. What song do I listen to over and over and over again?
[a] Nothin' On You by b.o.b.
[b] Airplaines by b.o.b.
[c] If I Die Young by The Band Perry
[d] Magic by b.o.b.
Correct answer: [d] Magic by b.o.b. Yes, I have all the words memorized. Yes, I listen to it so much that my 3 year old brother has the words memorized. Yes, one of my hidden talents is my wicked ability to rap like a black man. Yes, I will prove it to you.


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  2. Hi, I got an 8, so I've earned a B in the class of Kymber. I'm still workin on gettin' an A :)

  3. DUDE! I got 9 out of 10!!! :D


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